Monday, December 23, 2013

Love what I do...

For those who aren't aware, I am the official blogger for La Plaza Mall and basically it's my job to bring ya'll the latest and greatest of all things beautiful and happening at the mall! I also have this one blog which is my personal one and love to share all things that tickle my fancy ranging from my fave fashion picks, beauty products, baby love and everything in between. However, it was only fitting that after some heavy consideration that I would pursue my dream of becoming a stylist and wardrobe consultant. I own a Property Tax business where I am truly blessed to represent some of the most amazing clients and will continue to give my 100%! I have always loved working my booty off and have never been one to stay stag...I hear idle hands are the devil's workshop so I love to stay BUSY BUSY! With that being said, I have had the opportunity to work with several new styling clients and I could not be any happier...I can honestly say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE making people feel more beautiful than they already are and help guide them in developing their own sense of style! It is seriously such a rush when a client steps outside of their comfort zone to give different looks a try and when they walk away with an item and say "I would've never bought this, but I LOVE it"! Those words are like angels singing hallelujah!!! lol I offer several services that I will soon put up on my blog but if you're interested in revamping your wardrobe, just shoot me an email at
Here's what I wore this past week when I shopped with a client
 (one of the services that I provide)

Friday, December 20, 2013

First Trimester Must-Haves

I am well into my second trimester and I thought I would give you a little insight as to how I spent my first trimester. Like most women, you don't realize you're pregnant right away and I am no exception as my husband and I were getting our party on in Vegas (OOPS) while I was a month pregnant! One of the main reasons I had no idea or would possibly think I could be pregnant was because we were told we could never naturally have children (read up on our IVF experience). With that being said, the only thing that triggers my mind as to having any "suspicions" would be that we were chowing down at Holsteins (an amazing burger place in Vegas) and after I devoured a HUGE burger I told my husband, "is it weird that I could totally eat another half burger"?! He said I was crazy and we left. But my appetite was through the roof! Long story short, I was indeed pregnant and it's as though your body reacts instantly and let the morning sickness, headaches and all that jazz begin! Here are a few things that got me through the first trimester. 
I was SO dehydrated the first trimester and even the thought of drinking that clear liquid we like to call H20 made me SICK! Yay for these yummy Honest Kids organic juice drinks! They weren't too sweet which was great and totally quenched my thirst. Thankfully I am back to loving my water. 

Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, my ultimate go-to morning sickness snack. I swear I went through a few boxes of these in ONE month, my sickness lasted about a month and a half. I had this box on my night stand and would fill little Ziploc bags with these bad boys!

I was so blessed and thankful that I did not get any stretch marks on my belly during or after my first pregnancy and I'd like to thank this cream for that! I know alot of other products have come out on the market but I went with the OG Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula and didn't think twice to purchase it again this time around. (I linked the organic one)

If I could point out one of the MOST ANNOYING parts of my pregnancy that I have experienced (during both) it would be itchy skin. My goodness on some areas it looks like I got into a straight up fight with an alley cat due to my massive scratching! I ITCH like crazy and have even developed rashes on my legs and arms. Once again, Palmer's Itchy Skin oil to the rescue. I know itchy skin is very common but this is on another level. I would not recommend using this if you have a slippery bath tub unless you have a slip proof mat because it is crazy slippery (I feel it works best when applied to damp skin), thankfully I have a tile shower and I have yet to have any slippery mishaps (knocking on wood). My doctor also said to avoid super hot showers, scented lotions and soaps. 

I have yet to purchase another pair this go-round because I totally stocked up on these Be Maternity Seamless Leggings from Target during my last pregnancy! They are SO SO comfortable I can't even explain it. One thing I would say is you MUST get your size or they may slouch in the crotchy area. Did I just type crotch? LOL such a weird word...anyways. These will run you $25 which is a steal since you will probably never take them off! I also purchased some from Motherhood that are great but thicker. 

Last pregnancy I used prenatal gummies and half way through the bottle I couldn't stomach them anymore so I switched to these Nature Made Prenatal Multi +DHA which helps support fetal brain & development. They don't have a weird flavor or any odd side effects that I've noticed. 

Pregnant or not this is just me throwing in my fave beauty product but definitely helps enhance that pregnancy glow. I love my Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer and it doesn't leave you oily and helps even out tone and texture. 

The first month and a half I was pretty much in fetal position rolling around on my bed "dying" of morning sickness aka my ALL day HANGOVER, I had never felt this before except when ::cough:: I was actually hungover but man ALL MONTH LONG!? C'mon it was ridiculous. Last pregnancy if you're familiar with IVF, you're a tad shy of a month by the time they insert the embryos so I pretty much skipped this torturous part of pregnancy but ANYWAYS, my point is I didn't have time to sit around and blow dry my hair much less roll my hair and try to look glamorous so I picked up this little lifesaver in the form of a donut! This is the bun shaper and I found it at Nordstrom for only $6! Messy hair totally didn't care when all I had to do was wrap my hair around this...waaa laaa a FAB bun! Must get for those lazy days. 

Last but never least the good 'ol Tylenol for my month and a half hangover, 'nuff said. It helped. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Thanksgiving In Review...Part 1

I have not been to Colorado in such a long time so when our family decided to spend Thanksgiving over there this year I was ecstatic! I'd be lying if I said that I love flying, but the truth is... that is the ONLY downside to vacationing. My husband is the best and always invites me on trips and I'm constantly declining due to my new fear of flying. When I was younger I would hop planes out of town like there was NO TOMORROW and this fear came flying out of nowhere (no pun intended). My husband claims it's because I have so much to lose and he couldn't be more right about that. Ever since I got married, I have straight up melt downs on the plane, start sweating, crying, like I want to freak out like the chic on Bridesmaids and turn the plane around..and forget turbulance...I start hyper ventilating, it is the most ridiculous thing EVER. But on that note this trip was a little different. My whole life was on one flight: my husband by my side, my mommy, Mia next to us and my step kiddos that I love like my own all together and it gave me this inner peace that I had not felt in a long time while flying. It may also have something to do with the fact that Mia kept us busy from Houston to Colorado as she slept her first leg of the flight but nonetheless we got there and back SAFELY and had such an AMAZING time!!! (I will be doing a traveling with baby blog soon, because it was an adventure) LoL Here are some pics that sum up our big family vacation, part 1.

 Daddy and 2 of his girls...the oldest is skiing and the other baking in the oven ;)
Mia is wearing 
Jacket - Gymboree Similar (diff color)
Tights - Baby Gap
Boots - Uggs, Neiman Marcus
 (thank you to my beautiful IG friend and soul sister Amanda Garcia for Mia's boots!!! 
Mommy is wearing
Houdstooth Head Wrap & Scarf - Forever 21 (sold out)
Frost Free Vest - Old Navy (Girls 14-16)
Sweat Pants - Victoria's Secret
Snow Boots - Academy Sports 
(I got so many compliments on these bad boys, LOVE them)

 My handsome step-son David Julian aka DJ
My beautiful step-daughter Carlette aka Daddy's Twin (she looks just like the love of my life)!!!

One of the main reasons we all went to Colorado was to celebrate my beautiful niece Victoria's 21st birthday! She flew in from Penn State to join all of us and if it's one thing we hold close to our's first...ALWAYS! 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

My sister in law told me the other day that she had already purchased all the family's Christmas gifts and I said "What!? You're crazy, why so early?" It suddenly hit me that we're already one full week into December! Where does the time go!? Well my Christmas tree is now officially decorated and lit which means it's time to start stocking up on gifts. Here are my picks for gifts under $100! I am loving everything and hope that a certain Santa who is peeking over my shoulder gets the hint.ENJOY! - 
Crystal Stud Earrings, Rose Gold - Michael Kors $55
These are the perfect day to night set of earrings! I LOVE rose gold, these also come in silver and gold and have a beautiful matching rose gold watch if you love the trend as much as I do!
Stardust Statement Necklace – Banana Republic $89
This necklace is a show stopper. I picked this out for a client I was shopping for and I paired it with a beautiful red turtle neck, it POPPED and looked so, so classy!
Makeup Academy Blockbuster – Sephora Collection $49.50
I am a sucker for eyeshadows! This is pretty much heaven, all you need to do is invest in a great eye shadow primer (one of my faves is Urban Decay) and these colors will be sure to last!
Fringe Gloves – Marciano $68
There's nothin' like a classy, sexy pair of winter gloves. I have a pair similar from Marciano and I can't wait to wear them in Colorado! 
Harlow Sequined Envelope Clutch – BCBG $98
This clutch is a statement piece to complete the perfect holiday outfit. 
Metallic Infinity Scarf – Express $25
I am pretty much obsessed with scarves and metallic is a huge hit this fall/winter. Looking to dress up a LBD or a white tee, throw this on for some extra oomph!
Daily Trio – Bath and Body Works $25
I'm a huge fan in giving co-workers little gifts and I must have gotten that from my mom. She is SUCH A GIVER. Whenever we're out of town she's always managing to shop for little gifts for other people's birthdays, holiday gifts and even get well gifts. They don't always have to be expensive either, afterall it is the thought that counts. It's even better when they smell wonderful! Lovin' these uber cute trios from B&BW.
Coin Case – Tory Burch $95
Who doesn't love a little Tory in their life! This is so adorbs!
Vince Camuto Gift Set – Dillard’s $85
Happy Shopping Friends

Friday, November 15, 2013

Color Crush...

Nails are a huge part of a person’s wardrobe and all-around look. They can make or break (no pun intended) your mood when chipped, and like a fresh new paint job on a car, can totally make your day! So keep those fingers and toesies freshly painted with these hot fall nail colors ! 
1.) Sephora by OPI -  Who Let the Dorks Out $3
Teal is huge for hall, this color reminds me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Another hue from this color family that is popular at the moment is navy or cobalt blue.

2.) China Glaze – Rare and Radiant $9
I am loving metallic and anything shiny.

3.) Orly – Prelude to a Kiss $5
This color reminds me of the nail polish I wore on my wedding day. While I am crazy about color, this is a good break from the madness.

4.) Marc Jacobs – Jezebel $18
Everyone is raving about the new line of makeup Marc Jacobs came out with and here is a shade from the polishes he created. Oxblood appeared all over the runways in clothing and on nails, and this color by MJ is BEAUTIFUL and a definite MUST. You have to check out his other colors that are equally amaze.

5.) Dior – Dior Vernis in Trafalgar $24
Red will forever be classic for any time of the year and this color actually has a tint of pink, making it more lively.

6.) Givenchy – 180 Acoustic Purple $17
For all of you McHi Bulldogs or Weslaco Panthers I’m sure purple is your favorite color, because it sure is one of mine! I am loving this color by Givenchy (Homecoming is approaching and if I was still in high school I would definitely be showing off my school spirit with this color).

Happy Shopping FriendS

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Update 18 weeks!

Wow does time fly when you're busy growing a human least for now it does! I am officially 18 weeks preggo and honestly can't believe how much energy I have. I planned, decorated and am now done with Mia's party, helped host my sister in laws baby shower the weekend after, went out of town with my husband for a quick get a way (I secretly just went to shop the Nordstrom sale), baked all day on Halloween, have taken down Halloween decor, rearranged my entire living room yesterday and started pulling out my Christmas decorations already...::siiiigh:: ok I think i'm tired now just thinking of it all! God knows where this boost of energy came from but i'm SO thankful that I have passed the uber exhausting and sick phase, that was TERRIBLE! Here's a little update as to how pregnancy is going so far...

How far along? 18 weeks & baby is the size of a sweet potato
Total weight gain? Not sure, but I know it's not very much (my clothes beg to differ)
Maternity clothes? No, I just pretty much live in leggings..they're perfect and I'm so glad it's fall time!
How's the husband? He's gotten great at foot massages but he gets lazy after a few minutes, that's when I hit him up to take me to Footy Rooty! You can't beat a one hour foot massage for $25, you kidding me?!
How are the kids? It almost seems as though Mia has known I was pregnant the minute we found out. She's super clingy, cries for me to pick her up and God forbid if I walk out of the room all hell breaks loose..but it's sweet. For the past few weeks it's kind of freaky...she lifts up my shirt and points at my belly and rubs it...WEEEEIRD! The twins are great..I think it'll hit them once the time comes closer, they are obsessed and love Mia so much though. DJ (my step-son) showers Mia with kisses and she crawls hauling butt from him lol so I know they will love new baby just as much!
Stretch marks? No, but best believe I am caking on the cream lol
Sleep? I can still sleep on my tummy but with my back ache (I have a herniated disk from throwing a back flip a while back acting like I was still 16) I sleep with a pillow between my legs. I have yet to bust out my pregnancy pillow yet cause I'm still enjoying sleeping a little on my tummy/side.
Best moment this week? Going out of town for a one night get a way with my husband, it's so important to remember to spend alone time with your husband..your babies came into YOUR world, my husband makes sure to remind me of that OFTEN! Also, The weather cooled down and it felt right to go get a half regular half decaf pumpkin spice was heaven on my lips..YUMMYYYY
Worst moment this week? Heart burn has kicked in and it sucks ass. I love lasagna, pizza and pasta in general and the sauce just lingers in my throat like a nagging fly...SO ANNOYING and UNCOMFY!
Looking forward to? Tomorrow, the highs are 61 degrees, RAD! Also can't wait to get my hair done
Can't live without? My holiday candles right now, they burn all day and night and soothe me...
Movement? I finally felt a flutter! My little butterfly...
Cravings? Crazy know in a cup, with lemon, pickles and chile..ok my mouth is watering.
Miss anything? A cold beer with lots of lime!
Feel good or feel yucky? Feel FABULOUS!

Blouse - Old Navy
Leggings - Dr. Jay's Similar Here
Booties - Gianni Bini (old) Nordstrom Similar Here
Knuckle Clutch - BCBG
Sunnies - Oliver Peoples

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Mia's Birthday Highlight Video, Part 3

Take a look at some highlights from Mia's birthday video! This is a couple of minutes out of a 3 hour video, I wish it was longer...I'll probably have another one made cause there were so many cute moments of our guests riding ponies, playing, laughing etc...enjoy friends!

I Love Being His Wifey

He calls me his wifey so this sweatshirt just speaks for explanation needed, it's just soft & cozy and figured I'd get some use out of my cobalt blue booties! 

 Wifey Sweatshirt - Ily Couture
Necklace - My online boutique coming soon!
Booties - Lyst Similar Here
Watch - Rolex & Stella Dot 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mia's Birthday Party take 2, Pinatas, Ponies & More..Oh My!

When planning Mia's birthday party I knew I wanted it to be in the comfort of our own home for a few reasons. 1) A birthday party isn't a Mexican birthday party without a pinata so I sent my husband to get one and he comes back with a 4 foot #1...ok, it's enormous but go big or go home LoL 2) my husband insisted on ponies..not one, not two...but three..and they were a HIT! 3) we have an amazing cook that cooks for us often and he rocks on the grill and we wanted to serve burgers so he whipped up ALOT of delicious burgers 4) a moon jump, I don't get it but kids love those things...and so it was and 5) being at home is just so I can't say that we will have one this grand every year cause it is ALOT of work but it was definitely WORTH IT!

In true diva-fashion...she did a costume change..and this was actually after her cake smash where she clearly had too much sugar lol SUCH a HAM...stop that Mia hahaha

Those lips and those eyes...heaven

Yes, this happened...NO SHAME in HER GAME. She will be taking etiquette classes soon 

Everyone walked away with a little treat from Mia..candy boxes! 

Uhm yeah, sitting on a four foot pinata would freak a tiny thing out lol

She kept calling him a wow wow...apparently anything that has some sort of fur is a doggy, she called my brother a wow wow too LOL just keeding

The wonderful cakes & cookies were made by Chris Perez of Masterpiece Cake Art

The cupcakes were by Sweet & Tasty of McAllen

Invitation, Cupacake Covers, Water Bottle Covers, all paper by A Blissful Nest

Mia's Alice in Wonderland Birthday take 1, Decor

October was an extremely busy month for our clan. There are literally six October birthdays that were celebrated and the most anticipated was of course Mia's first birthday. I can NOT BELIEVE how fast time flew by. It was a very emotional week for me as I stare at her looking at how beautiful she is, how amazing her personality is and how much she has grown. There are times when I look at her and can't believe we created such a wonderful little human being, ok enough as my eyes begin to water up. So without further adieu, here is Mia's first birthday. I may have to break this blog up in a series of blogs cause there was ALOT of action shots and beautiful decor that I would love to share and bust out the tissue cause the last will be a video that was created. My brother in law and his wife were so kind to have gifted Mia with a photographer and a video man to capture the day's moments since they would be out of town, I seriously have THE BEST IN LAWS in all areas, EVER!
Here are shots of the decor...130 some guests came to celebrate at our was a sight to see

Most of the decorations were purchased downtown McAllen at L.A. Imports (lantern balls, rose greenery, colorful decorative sticks, flower balls and butterflies, arch and tulle)
The hanging turquoise frame, clock and keys were purchased from Hobby Lobby
The black trees and black & white ball vases were rented from The Cornithian Social Events Center
All the wooden Alice in Wonderland characters were custom made from a local party event center called De Fiesta (they can do every character you can imagine)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Faves For Your Little Gobblins

October has to be one of my favorite months! Ok, so it may have a little something to do with the fact that myself, my husband and my little girl are all October babies but we really take it seriously around here! I love the spooky yet fun decor and all the cuties knocking on our door for candy in their fabulous costumes as well as the anticipation of the holidays to follow. It is almost as though after the Halloween hump we are quickly gobbling down turkey and decorating for Christmas! In the meantime, I will soak in some more Halloween by heading to La Plaza Mall and scooping up these last minute faves for my little one and the best thing...they are ALL ON SALE! YAY! Enjoy friends.

For Him
Little Devil -  Baby Gap
Devils can be scary, but your cutie will look crazy adorable in this onesie!

Glow in the Dark Jammies – JC Penney
What better way to tuck your little man in than with these glow in the dark PJ's

Carter’s Black Cat Hat – Dillard’s $5
This is actually a gender neutral little hat that can spruce up any white basic tee or onesie.
For Her

Pumpkin Sweater Cardigan – Janie and Jack
This little cardi is perfect for the season with the daintiest little pumpkins embroidered around the collar. Such a classic piece that can be matched with this…

Ruffle Tulle Skirt – Janie and Jack
You can also save this adorable skirt and wear it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Daddy Is Under My Spell – Dillard's
Yes, yes you are under daddy's spell and that's why we're heading to the mall to go buy this ASAP! This is the cutest thing and I love that Carter's is very inexpensive.

Hello Kitty Kids T-Shirt & Tutu – Macy's
Because WE ALL LOVE a Hello Kitty, or is it just me!? I have been in love with Hello Kitty since I was a tiny little thing and I think my little girl is down the same path (no pressure) ;) and who can resist a little girl in a tutu!?

Happy Shopping Friends

Sunday, October 20, 2013

'Cause we're just cool like that...

Cause matching with my little boo boo just makes things a little more fun ;)

Camo Sleeve Sweater - Forever 21 (in store, Harlingen, Tx)
Ripped Skinnies - Target
Moto Boots - Dillard's (Gianni Bini) Similar
Necklace - Stella & Dot
Clutch - Louis Vuitton, Similar
Sunnies - Oliver People's, Similar Here Nordstrom

Mia's Outfit
Tres Cool Dress - Old Navy