Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mia's Birthday Party take 2, Pinatas, Ponies & More..Oh My!

When planning Mia's birthday party I knew I wanted it to be in the comfort of our own home for a few reasons. 1) A birthday party isn't a Mexican birthday party without a pinata so I sent my husband to get one and he comes back with a 4 foot #1...ok, it's enormous but go big or go home LoL 2) my husband insisted on ponies..not one, not two...but three..and they were a HIT! 3) we have an amazing cook that cooks for us often and he rocks on the grill and we wanted to serve burgers so he whipped up ALOT of delicious burgers 4) a moon jump, I don't get it but kids love those things...and so it was and 5) being at home is just so comfy...ps. I can't say that we will have one this grand every year cause it is ALOT of work but it was definitely WORTH IT!

In true diva-fashion...she did a costume change..and this was actually after her cake smash where she clearly had too much sugar lol SUCH a HAM...stop that Mia hahaha

Those lips and those eyes...heaven

Yes, this happened...NO SHAME in HER GAME. She will be taking etiquette classes soon 

Everyone walked away with a little treat from Mia..candy boxes! 

Uhm yeah, sitting on a four foot pinata would freak a tiny thing out lol

She kept calling him a wow wow...apparently anything that has some sort of fur is a doggy, she called my brother a wow wow too LOL just keeding

The wonderful cakes & cookies were made by Chris Perez of Masterpiece Cake Art

The cupcakes were by Sweet & Tasty of McAllen

Invitation, Cupacake Covers, Water Bottle Covers, all paper by A Blissful Nest

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