Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Update 18 weeks!

Wow does time fly when you're busy growing a human being...at least for now it does! I am officially 18 weeks preggo and honestly can't believe how much energy I have. I planned, decorated and am now done with Mia's party, helped host my sister in laws baby shower the weekend after, went out of town with my husband for a quick get a way (I secretly just went to shop the Nordstrom sale), baked all day on Halloween, have taken down Halloween decor, rearranged my entire living room yesterday and started pulling out my Christmas decorations already...::siiiigh:: ok I think i'm tired now just thinking of it all! God knows where this boost of energy came from but i'm SO thankful that I have passed the uber exhausting and sick phase, that was TERRIBLE! Here's a little update as to how pregnancy is going so far...

How far along? 18 weeks & baby is the size of a sweet potato
Total weight gain? Not sure, but I know it's not very much (my clothes beg to differ)
Maternity clothes? No, I just pretty much live in leggings..they're perfect and I'm so glad it's fall time!
How's the husband? He's gotten great at foot massages but he gets lazy after a few minutes, that's when I hit him up to take me to Footy Rooty! You can't beat a one hour foot massage for $25, you kidding me?!
How are the kids? It almost seems as though Mia has known I was pregnant the minute we found out. She's super clingy, cries for me to pick her up and God forbid if I walk out of the room all hell breaks loose..but it's sweet. For the past few weeks it's kind of freaky...she lifts up my shirt and points at my belly and rubs it...WEEEEIRD! The twins are great..I think it'll hit them once the time comes closer, they are obsessed and love Mia so much though. DJ (my step-son) showers Mia with kisses and she crawls hauling butt from him lol so I know they will love new baby just as much!
Stretch marks? No, but best believe I am caking on the cream lol
Sleep? I can still sleep on my tummy but with my back ache (I have a herniated disk from throwing a back flip a while back acting like I was still 16) I sleep with a pillow between my legs. I have yet to bust out my pregnancy pillow yet cause I'm still enjoying sleeping a little on my tummy/side.
Best moment this week? Going out of town for a one night get a way with my husband, it's so important to remember to spend alone time with your husband..your babies came into YOUR world, my husband makes sure to remind me of that OFTEN! Also, The weather cooled down and it felt right to go get a half regular half decaf pumpkin spice latte...it was heaven on my lips..YUMMYYYY
Worst moment this week? Heart burn has kicked in and it sucks ass. I love lasagna, pizza and pasta in general and the sauce just lingers in my throat like a nagging fly...SO ANNOYING and UNCOMFY!
Looking forward to? Tomorrow, the highs are 61 degrees, RAD! Also can't wait to get my hair done
Can't live without? My holiday candles right now, they burn all day and night and soothe me...
Movement? I finally felt a flutter! My little butterfly...
Cravings? Crazy cornuts...you know in a cup, with lemon, pickles and chile..ok my mouth is watering.
Miss anything? A cold beer with lots of lime!
Feel good or feel yucky? Feel FABULOUS!

Blouse - Old Navy
Leggings - Dr. Jay's Similar Here
Booties - Gianni Bini (old) Nordstrom Similar Here
Knuckle Clutch - BCBG
Sunnies - Oliver Peoples

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