Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Natalia's New Born Photo Shoot

I had totally planned on blogging Natalia's newborn pictures yesterday but the Instagram world was struck by devastating news and it just didn't seem right as I spent the day holding my little ones a little bit tighter. For those who know I am a blogger and an avid Instagram user that I use as my creative outlet where I get to share my love of fashion, baby fashion and all things girly. However, one of my fave things about Instagram is following other mommys that share the same interests and most importantly the love for their family and children. It's such a beautiful thing seeing other families and watching their children grow that you feel like you personally know them and become invested and apart of their family. Well something tragic happened to one of the most beautiful little boys that thousands of people follow. Little Ryan was chasing a frisbee that had rolled into the street and was struck by a car and went on to meet our Heavenly Father. I have been taught to never question why God does what he does, but when a child is taken so young from such a loving family, one can't help but ask why....why? A parent should never have to bury their child much less a 3 year old who had so much to live for. He brought so much joy to everyone who followed him. His gorgeous long, red curly hair and big smile will forever be apart of our IG family's memory. So, in memory of Ryan who is now an angel up in is my little angel who I pray will bring as much joy to everyone around her as I know this little guy did. Thank you again who shot the most gorgeous photographs of baby Natalia. We went for a vintage theme and I couldn't be more happy with the way they turned out, you are just one talented friend! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Can you believe this gorgeous smile!? The angels must have been tickling her patitas!

Angela and I are convinced she looks like a baby grandma LoL 

My sweet angel...may the Lord keep you forever safe
 She was so good during the entire shoot...just so peaceful

 I ADORE this picture...

I see that smirk lil mama

 Naked baby booty is everything!

I can't express the patience Angela has with newborns. She did Mia's newborn portraits and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted her to shoot Natalia's. She's so gentle, rocks the babes to sleep like a total baby whisperer. I wish I could hire her to be my nanny LOL if you're looking for a rad, professional photographer...she's the one! 
Click on link below for contact information

Photographs c/o Angela Garmendia Photography

In Memory of Ryan Saldana

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Labor & Delivery

My apologies for being M.I.A, I've been a tad busy with a newborn and an 18 month who is having a semi-hard time sharing her Princess Crown! For all those who don't know, Natalia Villarreal was born on April 8th and I couldn't think of a better way to kick off the month of May with my Labor and Delivery story and photographs. When Mia was born I hired Angela Garmendia to shoot her newborn photos and while I sat watching her do her magic, she handed me a book that was filled with the most raddest pictures I had ever seen. It was a book with beautiful black and white images of a mother's labor and delivery, my eyes started watering and tears just started flowing. I couldn't believe I didn't know there was a photographer that was in the Valley that actually did that! A friend of mine was getting ready to deliver a few months later and I said you MUST hire her, if it was ONE thing I regretted not doing for Mia it was definitely hiring a photographer to be in there to capture one of life's most precious moments. I mean you can NEVER get that moment back except for a beautiful memory in your heart. So with that being said, when we got pregnant (all glory to God) it was a MUST to hire this "ballsy" photographer LOL. I say that in the most contradictory manner cause she had the cajones to capture EVERYTHING but at the same time was CRYING HAHAHA. I think a lot had to do with the fact that we have sparked up a very cool friendship when talking and she must have felt part of the fam bam, which is totally heart felt. I remember Dr. Vela saying "focus, focus, how are you going to capture with tears coming down" SO FUNNY! Anyhow, the person who needed convincing was my husband. When I mentioned hiring her to be in the room with us his first response was "no mames." For all those who know Rigo, can totally hear his voice as their reading this cause it's so typical of him. He's so conservative that there was NO way he'd be down for having someone other than my mama in there with us. Obviously, he gave in. It probably had something to do with me saying "this is our last kid we will ever ever ever have" and those words were probably like a church choir singing and just said OK. lol. Anyhow, the delivery as it was with my first, was easy like a Sunday morning. I obviously had the epidural as you can see I am smiling in most of the pictures like a crazy woman cause I felt freakin amazing! The only thing that gets me hella' weirded out of course is the fact that I can't feel my legs. They felt like elephant thighs flapping around like flap jacks and I have no idea why I thought that 'ish was so hilarious. My husband would just look at me like...dude, you're crazy. To skip the boring details, let's just say Natalia was out in two pushes and Dr. V said I should consider teaching lamaze classes! Yes, I'm a badass at pushing out these babies! Thank you thank you, as I take a are the most precious pictures my little peepers have ever laid eyes on. P.S. there are some RAD ones she captured with the baby coming out..saying HELLO WORLD with her head out and body still in...OMMMGEEZY but don't worry, I didn't post those! But if you're thinking of hiring her...just go balls out and have her shoot everything. Rigo still won't look at them (he's basically Johnny Depp in BLOW and would pass out minus all the drugs, but that's what would happen to him if he took a peek) but I was STOKED when I got them LMAO ok that's they are :)
 This is me high on life, meds or just giddy to meet my little girl. Who knows, but I felt great! Rigo ::cough cough:: was either thinking one of the four things 1) I am not looking down there 2) I can't believe I married this crazy ass with her legs in stirrups and she's cracking up 3) This is the last kid we are having. Ever. 4) How did this happen again? LOL
 Natalia, in her birthday suit...she even look cute slimy, huh!?
 This picture melts my heart and I can't believe I can forever look back on the day I first laid eyes on her. Ok. crying. now.
 Her first kiss. Should've been her daddy but he was taken a'back by her beauty and stood far behind

 Yeah buddy...see that name on that tag...I did that. ;)

This chokes me up. Words can't express what an amazing Doctor he is. Dr. Vela is officially an honorary family member for helping bring my two babies into this world. Hands down, the best Doc. And tears come again.

Striking poses already. God bless daddy.
 I didn't want to post this one yet cause this will be blown up for Mother's Day, but oops ruined the surprise. 3 generations of awesomeness. Ok tooting my own horn, but I just feel like a champ right now LOL
 That's right little mama, hold on to me tight cause this familia is CRAZY and you're in for the ride of your life!
 Patitas!!! Nati's first foot prints! That's kinda what Mia's look like after 10 minutes outside bare foot lol
 I see you boo boo cracking a smile.
OK, hold up a lump in my throat is coming again. Nurse Doris Rawls. ::siiiiigh:: You will forever hold a special place in my heart. This woman right here has known me since Junior High. I went to school with her twin daughters Amanda and Ashley and we were all childhood friends. She helped deliver Mia and I requested her the second time around for this delivery. She was off this day and came in to deliver my sweet girl. Words can't express how amazing and easy going she made my experience at DHR, they are lucky to have her on staff. I love you lady! This picture pretty much explains my entire time during delivery and birth. Smiles, laughter and lots of love! 

My sweet Mama Rawls, your smile is contagious!

The first time big brother David Julian laid eyes on his baby sister. UGH tears again. Ya'll have no idea how much these pictures mean to me. Being that they are my step children, they are the most loving, sweetest, most respectful kids I have ever known in my entire life. How in the world am I so blessed to call them mine forever as well?

My sweet Carlette. Her reaction is priceless. 'Nuff said. 

A baby's scent is so intoxicating

The doting parents...he helps make crazy cute kids :) Thanks man for pulling your end of the weight here LOL

DHR, thank you thank you thank you for going the extra mile. As always. Natalia's first bathy. Cositas!

It took him about 20 sit ups and 20 jumping jacks to prepare to carry her. He was a tad nervous. Still is. She's too small he says.

These besitos are priceless, but I can't even lie. You see her right hand? Tia Christina Mtz brought her bread from Starbucks and we bribed her lmao. 

And we weren't trying to bust a Kim Kardashian picture...but this is just a reminder that all of these breath taking moments are all because two people fell in love. Tears again...aaaaand that's a wrap. CUT! Until tomorrow...Natalia's new born pics. STUNNING!

Thank you Angela Garmendia again for bringing my birth to live every time I look at these pictures. Some moments are just meant to be relived and frozen in time and you made that possible. You are a true blessing and a true talent and can't wait to see what your new creative business plan brings. Looking forward to many more captured memories with you. 

Friends, if any of ya'll are looking for a labor and delivery photographer...I would put money that she is the best out there for the job. UH-MAZING. Contact her for more information. 

Photographs c/o Angela Garmendia Photography