Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby On The Way Countdown!

So I went in for my second to the last doc appointment and I really had it set in my heart that baby Natalia would be here this weekend but it looks as though we will be ready to rock n' roll NEXT Tuesday being April 8th! I'm a tad relieved as I still have a little bit of things to do before she makes her way into our crazy world! I need to return things at Babies R' Us (doubles, doubles, doubles), exchange clothes that don't add up to the months that she will be able to wear certain clothes (as in white beautiful sunny dress rompers in December, EEKE)...and my husband has the nerve to ask "what else do I need to do" AS IF he would EVER understand!? LoL Boys, boys, boys. Yes, I am still trying to keep it sexay up in huuurr with this big bump! Please do not be fooled into thinking that I rock 4'-5' inch heels on the daily, it's false, I'm a fake. I totally have my chanclas in my purse but these YSL ones just kinda look hotter with the ensemble BAHAHA However, I will rock heels on special dinner dates with the hubbs!
Here are a few pictures that I took a week ago that I had yet to post...I need to get better at posting them right way. Once again I love mixing high/low pieces and this is where you'll catch me wearing a Forever 21 dress and Yves Saint Laurent Heels. 

Dress - Forever 21
Sandals - Yves Saint Laurent
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Watch - Rolex

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In The Weeds

One of my fave things about blogging is having the opportunity to review products from different companies and small businesses that ask for my "expertise" and feedback. There are times when I'm thinking I'm NOT an EXPERT at everything, but I am HONEST about all things!  Some of my favorite things to review are beauty and health products, so when local Valley'ite and friend, Lisa Torline, owner of In The Weeds Natural Skin Care contacted me to do just that, there was no denying and knew I had to! I love hearing about young folks that I grew up with venturing into the land of entrepreneurship and very passionate about what they do! I will admit that it did take some time to review the product due to the fact that I was going to be shooting a couple of maternity photography sessions and was honestly afraid to switch up my "beauty regimen". By that I mean, I didn't want to throw my face for a loop in fear of breaking out before taking my photos. Boy, was I wrong. My face has never been SO radiant and I wish I WOULD have used this product before my pictures were taken. OoOh hindsight 20/20 you get me again. Since using this product, I have not worn makeup in three days because my skin felt so darn smooth, I had the healthiest glow and did not feel the need to wear any! Well today I decided to jump outta my sweats and throw on some makeup and those that saw me asked if I had someone do my makeup (as in professional) because it looked incredible! YAY for this fabulous natural exfoliant DOLLFACE that was sent my way! Not only does it leave your face feeling softer and brighter, but it smells SO yummy. It is made with organic sugar, organic lemons, raw honey with a blend of natural and essential oils. All that is needed is a spoonful every other night and bam, you wake up the next morning with a healthy glow! In The Weeds is based out of San Antonio but can now be bought at Bridges Artisan Studio & Boutique located at 1311 N. Main St. in McAllen. They have various products and can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the line, ENJOY my friends! 

Dollface c/o In The Weeds Natural Skin Care

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pops of Neon

I am so extremely grateful for all my family, friends and new Instagram friends that have showed so much love and support as I have ventured into my new jewelry boutique. Although it is still under construction (website, packaging, etc.) I have managed to ship out and deliver several pieces by just posting pics on Facebook and Instagram and I couldn't be more excited! I am going to try to NOT flood FB and IG feeds cause I know it can be obnoxious at times so I will try my best to just upload to ONE album and everyone can browse through there until my website is complete by the talented Mariana "MsBliss" Aguayo! Ok back to fashion, I am completely obsessing over NEON. There's something so 80's, cool and hip about these pops of yellow, pink and orange that are so appealing to me. I know the color isn't for everyone but be daring this Spring, step out of your comfort zone, even if it means wearing a statement necklace or a pair of fab heels in these bright colors! This is how I paired my ALL WHITE ensemble (which I am ALSO LOVING).

Blazer - Forever 21 Similar
Tank Top - H&M
Heels - Christian Louboutin
Jewelry (Statement necklace and bracelet) - fabmixmasterg jewelry

Entire outfit from Baby Gap
Shoes - Online

Monday, March 17, 2014

Cute and Comfy Style

I am ALL about comfort these last few weeks of carrying this little critter around in my belly! I hit up Forever 21 and did some damage...again. I really can't resist when the clothes are so darn cute and inexpensive! Another one of my fave local stores is more of a gem boutique called Shop112 that is located in McAllen. They have great little outfits and super cute shoes at an amazing price! I bought these gladiator sandals that are extremely on trend at the momentt for $29! STEAL! 

Dress - Forever 21 
Sandals - Shop112, McAllen Texas
Arm Candy - Tina G Jewelry

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In Full Bloom

As soon as a floral print is seen on a runway it's a right of passage that Spring is right around the corner! I know this weather is a little Jackal and Hyde but the sun will be shining bright soon! So, when creating your own floral outfit I know it can be a nightmare to mix and me I've seen it before and I can't help but think these poor people either a) tried too hard or b) got dressed with a blindfold on. With that being said...what's more girly and pretty than a flowered dress!? Get your hands on a fab ruffly one and choose a color from the print and pair it with a cardi, belt or purse in that color. In my case, I chose a black moto jacket and tough rocker boots to dilute the femininity of the dress being that my belly bump REALLY made these flowers "pop." I also chose one color from my dress to match my handbag which is my bright funky orange Prada that I oh so love and it even doubles as a diaper bag, woot woot! 
If an all over flower print is not your thing, go with either a top or a bottom. Floral bottoms are definitely playful and can be very fashionable when paired with a basic top. If you're not ready to take the plunge with a dress or bottom, a floral scarf may just be your remedy!

Dress - Prabal Gurung for Target (sold out everywhere)
Moto Jacket - old, Nordstrom - Similar Here
Necklace - My online boutique, you can purchase next week!
Hand Bag - Prada, Bergdorf Goodman
Sunnies - Dolce Gabbana
Watch - Toy Watch Nordstrom Similar Here
Heart Bracelete - Wired Love By Ani