Friday, April 15, 2016

Feelin' Lucky in Green

For those who follow along on Instagram know that my blow dry bar The Dry Room has been undergoing a massive facelift since we decided to become a full service salon! We have been going hard at work from 7:45am to almost 11pm daily since we began renovations with construction, design, buying product up the wazoo, and everything else you can imagine that goes along with opening a salon! It's all been worth it to see it come to fruition and I can't wait to show you pics! Today was the first day I got home at 5pm, put on my husbands robe and just sank in bed...and here I am. Cause I would be weird for me to go to sleep, my brain won't shut off with all the excitement that's going on and whats in the plans! But I knew I couldn't keep some of ya'll hanging since I posted half of this outfit last week so many people messaged to show the whole outfit LOL so here's the whole shebang! Hope you enjoy! 

Jeans | Hudson (Joe Brand)
Cosmetic Case which i'm totes using as a clutch | Tory Burch (can get in store at Joe Brand)
Watch | Michael Kors
Straw Hat | Zara

Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring is in the air...

So I have always loved mixing patterns and typically I would have probably thrown on a stripe blouse or a basic white blouse with these @escada Tanjanatu pants but I was feeling the entire ensemble! Print on print? Sure, why not!

Blouse & Pants - Escada at Joe Brand McAllen
Chain Bag - Salvatore Ferragamo in orange Joe Brand McAllen, loving this one also... GAH! 
Sunnies | Tory Burch, Similar
Watch | Michael Kors