Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ahhhhh SUN!!!

OoOoh Texas sun, how I have missed thee. I'm pretty sure when I'm sweating walking from my car to the inside of the mall I will crave the days when I was freezing and wearing boots but none the less, the sun glistening off my skin right now feels so freakin' amazing! I went on an extreme Spring haul the other day and my husband sees me carrying 4 bags and says "You know you're still pregnant, right? and you're about to have the baby in 8 weeks...everything you just bought won't fit you like two weeks after giving birth!" SUCH a Debbie Downer. However, it was as though all I heard was 8 weeks til baby, forget the clothes not fitting (I chose my pieces wisely) but 8 weeks FOLKS! Yup, that means I am 32 weeks preggo and those ugly Braxton Hicks contractions were kicking in last night to the point where I totally thought she was coming! All I can say is thank GOD for a little shot called epidural that takes all that pain away when the time comes! MASSIVE kudos to those troopers who popped those suckers out without any meds! My hat goes off to you amigas!
 Back to fashion: One of my favorite things I am loving for Spring is BLUSH color tones.  The hue is so pretty and lovely but of course I prefer to punk it out with cage heels and a denim shirt haha but it also looks great on tan skin! If you have a lighter/pale skin tone I would go with a brighter punch on the pink side as I know a typical blush color can wash a girl out i.e.: my mom who's white as milk. 
I chose this beautiful, flirty skirt with tiny pleats that flows perfectly in the wind and loved the way it sat under my belly (not maternity). Here's how I wore it...

Denim Shirt - H&M
White Tank - H&M
Lazy Day Maxi Skirt - Forever 21
Heels - Bebe (old)
Men's Watch - Michael Kors similar here
Purse - Louis Vuitton

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy Breezy Nursery Valentine's Decor

My mother was ALWAYS that mama who made sure I knew she was constantly thinking of me...not only on holidays but on game days, test days...EVERYDAY! She would leave notes in my lunch box when I was in elementary, she would leave notes in my paper sack lunch in junior high and in my back pack when I was too cool for a box or a sack lol. The most memorable of all were bible verses that would hit me right in my heart just when I needed it, kinda like that pastor on Sunday morning that speaks right to your heart and you feel like you're the only one sitting in the congregation. Well that was my mommy..always knew what to say at the right time and on holidays she really knew how to make me smile. She would send baskets of goodies to my class (you know back in the day when parents were actually able to do that), she would write a note and say make sure you share with your classmates, she would leave me balloons in the front office on my birthday and on Valentine's I knew I was loved and that's the kinda' mama I wanna be. So when Mia wakes up from her nap today she will be in the land of love and cupcakes. Something so easy as a trip to Target and hitting the $1 bins can make a world of a difference! I found all the tiny cupcakes at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 each and the little XOXO banner in the $1 bin at Target, I also placed one of her fave books on her changing table so she can read while she gets changed. Another tradition I started was giving her a holiday Hello Kitty so she now has a collection of them already and it's looking REALLY cute, can't wait to see how we do it with another little girl...HK museum coming up! Enjoy the pics. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

31 Week Update!

Dressing up my mini-me is clearly an obsession. I secretly head to the mall, don't take bags down until no husband is in sight and then haul it straight to Mia's closet, hang up all evidence and pretend like it's been there ALLLL along. It's not that my husband doesn't like her looking cute, he says the problem is "what are you going to do when she begins ASKING you for things" (cause let's be real, she has no idea that she's rocking bada*** Doc Martens or the latest whatever). He wants to know if I am going to continue to buy out of control just cause she wants something or am I going to be able to tell her "no". Ugh, good question...we will jump that hurdle or crawl under it when we get there LoL With that being said, I get asked ALOT by my IG followers or through email where I purchase Mia's clothes cause they aren't so "kiddish or babyish" and the fact is I research so many stores and attempt to shop where no one else does so she doesn't have the norm, but I do also have a sweet spot for  Baby Gap and Old Navy they have THE best SALES, EVER! That's where we got this adorable "M" shirt a while back and her pants are from Baby Gap that I purchased during Christmas but they're totally Pre-Valentine's Day worthy!
(Hold on mom, Papi is calling me) Well then...

Striped Blazer - Forever 21 (old) Similar Here
Color Block Tank - Forever 21 (old)
AG, White Jeans - Nordstrom
Heels - Giani Bini (old) Similar Here

Letter "M" Tee - Old Navy (in-store) couldn't find online
Striped Leggins - Baby Gap (old) Similar Here
Dr. Martens - Journeys Kidz
How far along? 31 Weeks and baby is the size of a head of lettuce...uhm yeah
Total weight gain? Weeeell, I got massively carried away when the the doc told me I had only gained 14 pounds last appointment so lets just say that I took it a little overboard and I'm probably pushing around 20 lbs now..maybe more lol 

Maternity clothes? same 'ol Target tights and a pair of black Gap skinnies...I get real excited cause they're a size "2" in maternity hahaha sonsa 
How's the husband? OoOoh the husband is doing good...still talking about how God only truly blesses us with one really genuinely good looking kid and that he's mentally preparing himself for the baby to come out "fea" aka ugly cause Mia is too cute to top HAHAH who says that!? My husband, that's who. 
How are the kids? Good Good, being 14 year olds getting ready to turn 15. We haven't talked too much about the baby except for DJ's room under construction soon. 
Stretch marks? I thought I found one and nearly had an attack, but NOPE false alarm just my size 2 maternity pants digging in and making indentions in my skin LMAO I should totally get a 4, no mames my poor baby is gonna come out with a flat head
Sleep? On my side and I catch myself on my back and then suddenly I can't breef...ahhh (George Lopez voice)
Best moment this week? I landed a new property tax client which totally ROCKS, landed a new styling client which totally ROCKS and let's sEeee...finalized a location and date for my baby shower which is FABULOUS aaand that's about it! 
Worst moment this week? I went in to see my doc cause I had the most ridiculous rash outbreak on my arms and was itching beyond belief and he told me I had SCABIES! Well, I'm a hell'a clean person, I haven't slept anywhere foreign, we wash our sheets religiously I mean HOW COULD THIS BE!? Ok, went to see a dermatologist the NEXT day and it totally was NOT scabies for crying out loud! It was pregnancy hormones out of whack and he prescribed me a cream and it's GONE, thank GOD! I mean, imagine the scare!?
Looking forward to? Eating some good food, the hubbs has something on the grill..MmMmm yummy!
Can't live without? My husband's temperpedic pillow that I totally jacked from him..it's just so much better than mine while preggo!
Movement? Oh man...she's a nut case...all over the place. I swear at night she sticks her fingers through my belly button
Cravings? Cereal...Lucky Charms, cause they're magically delicious!
Miss anything? Still missing alcohol...a margarita with trechas right now sounds divine
Feel good or feel yucky? I fEeEeeeeeL...not as mobile....I don't like having to turn to the side to get out of bed and then my husband kicks my ass with his foot for an extra push..I mean...where's the love!? LoL 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift for Him

I gotta be honest. I've always thought it was kind of a jerk (I could've said worse) move for a guy to give a girl lingerie for Valentine's Day! I mean is the gift for him or for her..so SELFISH!! However, what I do find EXTREMELY brilliant and quite sexy is when the LADY surprises her man with lingerie. One of the most uncomfortable things about a man gifting lingerie is the fact that he probably doesn't know what YOU feel most comfortable in, he doesn't know what YOU think your best assets are and lastly what makes YOU feel sexy. Truth be told..I mean you could be on your "cruel monthly friend", you could feel bloated, you probably just had an extremely huge fancy 5 course dinner (I mean not all of us are blessed to be able to gobble down a surf and turf and still manage to have a flat tummy and feel sexy)! So my suggestion for this year is to head to Victoria's Secret at La Plaza Mall (girls, not you boys, unless you're heading to the PINK collection to find us some comfy jams) look at the different options and pick YOUR pleasure. There is no doubt in my mind that what you think you look great in, he will think that..
 times a 100. Especially since it's probably unexpected. Note: How to prepare this gift of sexiness. My husband has always taken care of reservations, accommodations if we decide to go away for occasions like this and so I prepare the details for later. If you so happen to get away, surprise him at the hotel with a couple's massage in the hotel room (they usually take late requests if booked in advanced). Make sure your room has an iPod doc so you can play your favorite silky soul jams, if you hear too much zen music the chances are ya'll will both fall asleep after and there goes the night lol bOoo. Also, make sure you hit up a liquor store and stock the fridge with yours and his fave poison, it beats the prices and the tiny bottle of the mini bar! Make sure your lingerie is hidden in the hotel closet or restroom and when the dinner is over, the massage is over and the drinks are flowing, step in and change and come out with your gift of sexy. It'll be a night he'll never forget and bonus, he may even give you a few late V-Day gifts like the ones in my next post for giving him the best gift ever ;) 
Here are my FAVES!

PS. Don't forget a sexy heel!