Monday, June 30, 2014

Moment of Truth with Younique 3D Lash Mascara

Right before heading to the beach, I checked my mail and I was stoked to have received The Younique Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara to review. Ok, so like I have said before it's always great to be sent products to review but for the sake of my readers and the fact that so many take my opinion to heart and purchase the products, I am brutally honest! SoOoo here it goes!
I la la LOVE falsies, I love the way they make me feel when I put them on the right way lol. I laugh because to this day, they're still a challenge for me to put on. Either one eyelash is perfect and the other one is whack or they're both whack and I end up screwing up all my eye shadow, but nonetheless they can make you look like your makeup is professionally done when placed just right. I kept hearing about Younique's mascara so I was extremely excited to try it out! I figured, this was going to be what saves me from purchasing gaboodles of lashes and the time it takes me to put those suckers on!
It comes in this adorable case! I mean what mascara looks all fancy shmancy like this!? HA

This mascara is a 4 -step process. 
Step 1: A light coat of your fave mascara
Step 2: Transplanting Gel
Step 3: Add the natural fibers 
Step 4: Transplanting Gel again to seal 

I honestly could NOT BELIEVE how incredibly long my eye lashes were after using this mascara. I received several compliments asking if they were falsies. I will ADMIT that the lashes are a little more haywire compared to falsies but nonetheless achieve their purpose, to lengthen hella' crazy and give lashes that extremely full look. Do not apply a million times cause it will get clumpy. At night I usually use a Neutrogena makeup wipe to take off my makeup and it came off very easy! I do recommend this product but apply as suggested! If you would like to purchase contact Casti Salinas on Facebook Here

Mascara | c/o Younique 3D Fiber Mascara

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Boho Glam

Boho is a trend that is totally here to stay. Every year one thinks it's going to be last year's news and it keeps coming back bigger and better! I'm sure it has to do with the ever growing music festivals like Coachella. This is my spin on boho glam since I am no where rocking next to a stage (in which I would be wearing cut offs and a fabulous flower crown head band), HA enjoy the inside the city limits look! 

SUNNIES: Rayban | NECKLACE: Shop Fab G | MAXI SKIRT: Target | WATCH: Rolex | HEART BRACELETS: Wired Love, & Tina G Jewelry | SANDALS: Shop112

Saturday, June 14, 2014

7:30 Train

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life that includes me owning a business, starting up my new jewelry boutique, styling clients and blogging, and to top it off breast was extremely necessary for me to take a step back and really enjoy these first couple of months with baby Natalia.  God knows how fast time flew with Mia and I really wanted to soak in every second of her so I stepped away from blogging for about 2.5 seconds but I'm BACK! What better way to come back than with a few photos from the Kardashian Kids Collection that was sent our way from the Kardians themselves. If you have gone to Babies 'R Us in the past few days you may have already seen the line but it officially drops Nation-wide tomorrow so make sure you scoop up some pieces! They have adorable headbands, faux leather skirts and pants that Natalia received as well. Can't wait to photograph her in them lol SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! So this is Mia she said "I'm leaving on the 7:30 train and i'm heading off to HOoOoLLyWoOoOd" ok Liv Tyler, get your a*% back over here LoL...Enjoy, XOXO

Baby Mia Outfit - Kardashian Kids c/o
Can be found at Babies 'R Us 
Moccasins - Baby Gap - In Store

My Outfit
Jumpsuit - Target
Headwrap - Forever 21
Statement Necklace - Shop Fab G
Heels - Michael Kors