Saturday, June 14, 2014

7:30 Train

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life that includes me owning a business, starting up my new jewelry boutique, styling clients and blogging, and to top it off breast was extremely necessary for me to take a step back and really enjoy these first couple of months with baby Natalia.  God knows how fast time flew with Mia and I really wanted to soak in every second of her so I stepped away from blogging for about 2.5 seconds but I'm BACK! What better way to come back than with a few photos from the Kardashian Kids Collection that was sent our way from the Kardians themselves. If you have gone to Babies 'R Us in the past few days you may have already seen the line but it officially drops Nation-wide tomorrow so make sure you scoop up some pieces! They have adorable headbands, faux leather skirts and pants that Natalia received as well. Can't wait to photograph her in them lol SO STINKIN' CUTE!!! So this is Mia she said "I'm leaving on the 7:30 train and i'm heading off to HOoOoLLyWoOoOd" ok Liv Tyler, get your a*% back over here LoL...Enjoy, XOXO

Baby Mia Outfit - Kardashian Kids c/o
Can be found at Babies 'R Us 
Moccasins - Baby Gap - In Store

My Outfit
Jumpsuit - Target
Headwrap - Forever 21
Statement Necklace - Shop Fab G
Heels - Michael Kors


  1. Welcome back! I can't imagine how busy you are! This outfit is so adorable on her! And I love the headwrap! I just love the backdrop for all these pictures, it looks so dreamy and makes me want to jump on a train myself!


    1. aWwW you're so sweet! Everytime I hear that song from Aerosmith I picture my little Mia one day hopping on a train and throwing the deuce and saying she's heading off to Hollywood! LOL