Sunday, January 19, 2014

Outta the Sheets Into The Streets with Maison de Papillon

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing about a Rio Grande Valley local that moves miles away to take a bite out of the big apple to purse a life long dream of becoming a fashion designer. The excitement hits close to home as my dear friend Danielle Salinas did just that. I can recall meeting with her days before she flew out to venture into the world of fashion and you could tell this was a woman with a vision, on a mission and there was nothing or anyone that was going to get in the way of that. She spoke about her love for traveling and lingerie but had a specific concept brewing and that was to create an “in the sheets out on the streets” loungerie that would be extremely versatile for the woman on the go.
On my drive home from meeting with Dani, I can remember thinking this line is going to be comfy, sassy, sexy and timeless and I could not wait to see the final product.

In no time, Danielle found common ground and joined forces with Parsons’ colleague Shriya Bisht where they would fuse their love for fashion, travel and comfort to create the luxury sleepwear collection Maison de Papillon.

Danielle and Shriya had the elegant, sophisticated, unique, world traveling, boss lady in mind when creating this line. This hybrid collection of sleepwear, loungewear and ready to rock any “wear” does not consist of jammies that you just throw on to go to bed. These are luxury pieces that make you feel like a queen as your throw on the covers and make you feel like a rockstar when you can very well jump out of bed, throw on some leggings and killer heels and take on the day wearing just what you wore to bed!

You can imagine my excitement as a friend and blogger when Danielle would send me sneek peeks of different fabrics, concepts and designs she was working on. I would lay in bed just scrolling through her and Shriya’s work on my phone thinking I had something massively top secret in my hand. The anticipation was building up and in no time she had wrapped up the final pieces to their collection, headed home like a true Texan and gave back to us Valley’ites what would be a piece of wearable art.

Words can’t really explain and pictures can’t do justice to the way these pieces feel when you put them on! However, a few words that do come to mind are buttery, rich, baby’s bottom, and silky soft. You get the hint, so without further adieu here is one of my fave pieces from the Sleepwalker collection. The Jesse top in cotton satin. 

Night Out On The Town

The only thing a girl needs to do to dress up the Jesse for a night out on the town is throw on a statement necklace, killer heels and choose a rocker clutch and a few bangles for a bit more glitz and you're good to go! 

The Workin' Woman on the Go

This outfit is perfect for the boss lady who is constantly on the grind, running off to meetings with her laptop in tow, catching a flight or trying to hail a cab all while looking glamorous. All that was needed to jazz this up was one solid chain necklace, a pair of Loubs and a large hand bag. Don't be fooled she does have a pair of ballet flats in that big 'ol bag of hers when the day starts winding down. 

The Envy of All Mommies

 Wether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom I find it extremely important to take time out for yourself to keep your sanity. This look is for the mommy who gets a weekly blow out, still manages to shop, take her kids to school and on play dates and somewhere in between gets to lunch with the gals! This is the mommy of all envies as she walks into the restaurant with her hair rolled, rocking out in hot pink Loubs with a diaper bag and all her friends are in sweatpants with their hair in a bun...hey I don't judge that's me about half of the week, and pregnant to top it off,  but a line like Maison de Papillon makes it seem glamorous and effortless! 

Jesse top c/o Maison de Papillon

You can catch the MDP team strutting their stuff on the runway on February 12th as they make their Nolcha Fashion Week debut!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

27 Weeks! Rockin 'N Guilt Rollin

I had my 27 week check up the other day and I must say that I am pretty darn proud of myself! Being that the only thing holding up my pants is a belly band and the fact that I have already hit up Victoria's Secret TWICE for new bras (I make the hubbs feel sorry for me and I always get to walk out with new jammies), it's safe to say that I was scared to hop on that scale and damn near took off my stud earrings and panties trying to seem light as a feather stiff as a board..but to my surprise, Dr. V was super proud of me and said I had only gained 14lbs! He said that's what he was hoping for by the 20 week mark which means it was a given that I hauled ass outta the doctor's office, I may have left tire marks in the parking lot and went to slam an entire enchilada plate, WOOT WOOT!!! Yes, well deserved well deserved.

Well last blog I mentioned me having those extremely guilty feelings of not knowing how I would be able to love another child and the reason I bring it up is because I just have not felt entirely "in tune" with this pregnancy. I mean let's keep it straight up, I am such an open book that I would feel guilty if I sat here and told my readers that I had the same feelings this time around than when I was pregnant with Mia. I think a lot has to do with the struggle that it took to conceive Mia and then when it finally happened, she was SO planned out, I SAW her being inserted into my womb so to speak, she was SO on schedule, SO predictable I mean we chose her sex for crying out loud! I played music for her every day (I'm pretty sure she thought Robin Thicke was her daddy for a while), I read to her so she could know that's "mommy's voice", I read the books, I did it ALL! It's not to say that I am not HAPPY, or not EXCITED or THRILLED (given the fact that we were told we could never conceive)'s just...this time around I forget I'm even pregnant at times, last night I told my husband "damn I'm such an a**hole I haven't even given her a taste of my silky soul music" and of course he just laughs and says ponle headphones maƱana, to sum it up I haven't really felt extremely preggo nor have I nurtured this pregnancy as much as I did last. So...

When talking to my husband I asked him so what's the secret to loving another child? He said you love them equally, but differently. I said to him ok..explain. He said for instance,"with the twins I love them   the same, but you see Carlette is a girl and it's a different kind of love. I love that she's compassionate, she rubs my feet, gives me pedicures, she scratches my head when I have headaches, she takes care of me, I know that she needs me and it's a good feeling to know that she has a heart of gold and will take care of me when i'm older and I know she knows that I would do anything for her and she's my little girl, I never want to see her grow up and the thought of me giving her away one day breaks my heart.  You see, David Julian well he's a boy, one day you love him chingos and the next you want to fight him y le vale todo meaning (he could give a rat's ass about anything or anyone) lol. He wants to charge when I ask him to scratch my head, he gives me attitude and thinks he knows better than me but he's my hunting buddy and I wouldn't want to be in a blind hunting with anyone but him. I would take a bullet for him cause he's my little boy and he's my blood, and he's going to carry my name and I brought him into this world and I know that once he grows out of his teenager phase he's going to realize that he needs me and he's going to be my best friend. Mia, well she's a baby and she's so lovable and so funny and her personality can make any shitty day better and she also will take care of me when i'm older and do all the things that little girl's do, as it is she's already so in love with me (I can attest to that) . When the new baby comes around I'm going to love her equally also, but she's not going to have Carlette, DJ, or Mia's personality and she's going to be her own person and I'm going to love her as much as the rest just the way she is. But if you lined them up I could never tell you that I love one more than the other, cause they're mine and I would do anything for all of them but just like they are all different, you love them differently".

So there it is. Despite my fears and feelings I vow to myself to embrace the last few weeks of my pregnancy, to read to her, sing to her (umm no I mean play music for her, God knows she'd be covering her ears with her tiny E.T like fingers), I'm going to prepare her nursery like she was a first and do all those things I know she deserves. But more than anything, I am going to embrace a new type of  love in my life and that is the love for another child. If anyone has ever felt like this BEFORE having a second, please feel free to let me know...and if you haven't just make me feel better lol

Leather Blazer - (old) similar
White Tank Top - Old Navy (in store)
Boyfriend Jeans - Gap 
Hand Bag - Marc Jacobs (old) but loving this  
Color Block Heels - Gianni Bini (old)
Sunnies - Rayban 
Toy Watch - Nordstrom

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

26 Weeks Update!

I did an update 2 months ago when I was 18 weeks pregnant and I vowed that I would be the best preggo blogger and update weekly aaaaand well you can see how that went. With three holidays, a baby who hauls ass around the house all day, actually being preggo and working my butt off you can see what my time has been focused on but it's all good cause here I am now! Well I am 26 weeks pregnant today and with a 14 week countdown, I am starting to get that guilty feeling about how I am going to feel once the baby gets here. I have cried to my husband asking him how can I possibly love another child as much as I love Mia? His answer on the next's my update! 

How far along? 26 weeks and my peanut is no longer that small, she's the size of an egg plant!
Total weight gain? I'm guestimating around, umm chingos of pounds LoL my next appt is next Monday & may or may not want to find out then haha
Maternity clothes? Just my good ol' faithful maternity tights OoOoh and this ONE awesome black maternity dress from Old's long sleeve and i've probably busted out that thing 3 times. In my husbands words "ya camina sola el vestido" LOL loser
How's the husband? He's such a trooper and is now drafting up my step-son's new bedroom that will be under construction soon. He's not getting the boot cause of the baby, he's getting an "upgrade" aka Mia is moving into her big girl room which is his old one. Go MIA!
How are the kids? They're so great we show them so much love that they could never look back years from now and say they were mistreated or felt left out when the babies came along. Us girls have daddy day and our step-son has his alone time with dad and then we spend most of the time together as a family of 5. I think alone time with their daddy is extremely important.  
Stretch marks? No, still slapping on the good stuff. Palmer's coca butter
Sleep? On my side. There's no way in heck that I can sleep on my tummy but don't think I haven't tried..I am quickly reminded by kung-fu panda that she's all up in there..oops my bad boo boo for squashing you like that 
Best moment this week? I'm sure it will be tonight when my hubby and I go on a date, just the two of us! We always have dinners and great nights out with great company but it's gonna be nice to have alone time
Worst moment this week? It happened about an hour ago. I came home from a business meeting and I had been out for a while so I was so excited to see Mia that I ran and she ran and I swooped her up and at the same time tripped over her Fisher Price swing and ran right in the Christmas tree LMAO. Ok it could have been WAY HELLA worse. I could've knocked the tree down, fell on my tummy and just an epic YOUTUBE moment but I caught myself as i'm going knee first into the tree skirt ok i'm seriously LMAO right about now thinking about it...::siiiiiigh:: Jesus Christ that's enough maybe that was my funniest moment this week
Looking forward to? Date night!
Can't live without? My new comforter and sheets, just got them a couple of days ago. Hotel like sheets and all. OMG. 
Movement? TOTAL movement now, I get straight up karate chopped
Cravings? I've been eating a lot of wheat thins with easy cheese, you know that cheese that squirts from a can? Damn that can't be healthy it doesn't even sound right 
Miss anything? Sushi, tuna tar tar and alcohol...yes I want a carreta (tequila, mineral water and lime juice with trechas around the rim) my mouth is SO WATERING right now. Shit balls. 
Feel good or feel yucky? STill feelinFABULOUS!

Sweater and Beanie - Express
Watch - Ulysse Nardin
Statement Neckalce - My online boutique coming soon!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Our 2013 Rewind

One of my favorite things about blogging and taking thousands of pictures (yes, thousands..if you're a mom and have had to load your iPhone due to no storage space, you know what i'm talking about) is looking back at all the memories made. At times my husband gets annoyed and tells me to put my camera down and to enjoy the moment and the fact is he's absolutely right...that's until a month later when I email him an amazing photo captured at the right moment and is blown's then when he realizes the significance of reliving memories through pictures or when this past year on our anniversary I printed out a picture on our very first date playing miniature golf, shhhh I think he got teary eyed. LoL Anyhow, another year has flown by way too quickly and thankfully I snapped a few good ones that took me back to our first New Year's Eve with our little nugget. Ps. One of my resolutions is to bring my followers the best photographs and with a brand new camera purchased a few months back you can tell I began to put the iPhone away and use a big girl camera as the year went on...stay tuned for fabulousness in 2014 and here's a look back on 2013. ENJOY! 
 Our First New Year's Eve & Mia's first time to the Island where she would then realize that she was going to be a future beach bunny
HELLO 2013, BRING IT! Oh it has already been ba-roughten LoL 
(i'm a movie-line freak, forgive me)

 One of my fave pics of the year...Mia as SIMBA...cue the Lion King Song
I thank the sweet heavens that Mia has only been sick TWICE, this was the first time :(
 Baby rolls and leggings, I couldn't get enough
 Our FIRST Valentine's much love in the club...I mean closet

Mia's first trip to Austin! Daddy makes pushing an Orbit look hot!
It was on this Austin trip where I thought it would be a good idea to chop off ALL MY HAIR! Extensions two weeks later...yeah 'nuff said
St. Patty's Day...Mia's silliness really started to shine through around this time
This little ones tries cereal for the first time in March..uhm clearly she loved it!
The twins turned 14!!! 
This was Easter Sunday at the beach. You can't see in the pic but Mia had a HUGE audience surrounding her LOL 
Mia turned 6 months and she was pretty much "Gone with the wind fabulous" 
I officially signed a contract with La Plaza Mall where I would become their style setter blogger, what an honor! This was me on my way to my first fashion show as part of LPM.
Cinco De Mayo, who can resist a baby with a mustache!? BAHAHA these were left over favors from my annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!
Til this day..these may forever be my favorite photos. Would you have guessed that I took them by myself!? A la' selfie!? I'm kinda good, huh!? LOL
The board sums it up
Mia took her first swimming lessons at Aqua Tots in May. She LOVES the water and has NO fear...which is scary 
We took a quick fam bam trip in June where I finally felt 100% comfy to get back into a bikini again, not knowing I would be preggo a few weeks later hahaha
It's safe to say that Mia spent and will spend most of the Spring/Summer days in a bathing suit. She looks like an angel in this picture. 
Our first 4th of July. 
This was a a pic from my maternity shoot that I posted on instagram my quote was "I miss my preggo belly and my husband said put a pillow under your shirt" NO idea I would conceive around this time...maybe my heart just knew...
It was all a dream....ok baby Biggie
Our Vegas trip where we got our party on...OOPS we were already preggo
THIS is the BURGER right HERE that made me think hMmm maybe i'm preggo..I wanted to eat another one SO BAD..appetite through the rough! 
aAAaand I had no idea I was preggo here either. We took a quick trip to Concan with the fam in July right before Vegas. We celebrated Mia's 9 months here
One of my favorite twinning moments
Quick girl's trip to Fredericksburg in July with some of my besties
Mia turned 11 months old and I turned 11 weeks preggo, It felt like the right time to spread the good news 
First view of our little Princess
Mia wasn't amused that she would be sharing her crown with a new baby sister...she will grow to love her and they will be besties. I just know it. 
I turned 31!!! Holy shnikeeze...and there was the first bump pic
My sweet baby girl turned was an epic birthday party that I will hold near and dear to my heart FOREVER! UGH she melts my heart like no other....
Mia went to the pumpkin patch with her best bud Walt. 
Another twinning day with my mini-me. It's seriously so much gotta try it sometime. 
Our Thanksgiving trip to was HEAVEN! 
Mia LA LA LOVED the snow! This picture says it all...
Mia celebrated her first Christmas where she kinda knew what was going on...she loved her Nana's winter wonderland that she made at her house for her grand babies. 
and that my friends is a WRAP!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!