Sunday, January 19, 2014

Outta the Sheets Into The Streets with Maison de Papillon

There’s nothing more exciting than hearing about a Rio Grande Valley local that moves miles away to take a bite out of the big apple to purse a life long dream of becoming a fashion designer. The excitement hits close to home as my dear friend Danielle Salinas did just that. I can recall meeting with her days before she flew out to venture into the world of fashion and you could tell this was a woman with a vision, on a mission and there was nothing or anyone that was going to get in the way of that. She spoke about her love for traveling and lingerie but had a specific concept brewing and that was to create an “in the sheets out on the streets” loungerie that would be extremely versatile for the woman on the go.
On my drive home from meeting with Dani, I can remember thinking this line is going to be comfy, sassy, sexy and timeless and I could not wait to see the final product.

In no time, Danielle found common ground and joined forces with Parsons’ colleague Shriya Bisht where they would fuse their love for fashion, travel and comfort to create the luxury sleepwear collection Maison de Papillon.

Danielle and Shriya had the elegant, sophisticated, unique, world traveling, boss lady in mind when creating this line. This hybrid collection of sleepwear, loungewear and ready to rock any “wear” does not consist of jammies that you just throw on to go to bed. These are luxury pieces that make you feel like a queen as your throw on the covers and make you feel like a rockstar when you can very well jump out of bed, throw on some leggings and killer heels and take on the day wearing just what you wore to bed!

You can imagine my excitement as a friend and blogger when Danielle would send me sneek peeks of different fabrics, concepts and designs she was working on. I would lay in bed just scrolling through her and Shriya’s work on my phone thinking I had something massively top secret in my hand. The anticipation was building up and in no time she had wrapped up the final pieces to their collection, headed home like a true Texan and gave back to us Valley’ites what would be a piece of wearable art.

Words can’t really explain and pictures can’t do justice to the way these pieces feel when you put them on! However, a few words that do come to mind are buttery, rich, baby’s bottom, and silky soft. You get the hint, so without further adieu here is one of my fave pieces from the Sleepwalker collection. The Jesse top in cotton satin. 

Night Out On The Town

The only thing a girl needs to do to dress up the Jesse for a night out on the town is throw on a statement necklace, killer heels and choose a rocker clutch and a few bangles for a bit more glitz and you're good to go! 

The Workin' Woman on the Go

This outfit is perfect for the boss lady who is constantly on the grind, running off to meetings with her laptop in tow, catching a flight or trying to hail a cab all while looking glamorous. All that was needed to jazz this up was one solid chain necklace, a pair of Loubs and a large hand bag. Don't be fooled she does have a pair of ballet flats in that big 'ol bag of hers when the day starts winding down. 

The Envy of All Mommies

 Wether you're a working mom or a stay at home mom I find it extremely important to take time out for yourself to keep your sanity. This look is for the mommy who gets a weekly blow out, still manages to shop, take her kids to school and on play dates and somewhere in between gets to lunch with the gals! This is the mommy of all envies as she walks into the restaurant with her hair rolled, rocking out in hot pink Loubs with a diaper bag and all her friends are in sweatpants with their hair in a bun...hey I don't judge that's me about half of the week, and pregnant to top it off,  but a line like Maison de Papillon makes it seem glamorous and effortless! 

Jesse top c/o Maison de Papillon

You can catch the MDP team strutting their stuff on the runway on February 12th as they make their Nolcha Fashion Week debut!

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