Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Faves For Your Little Gobblins

October has to be one of my favorite months! Ok, so it may have a little something to do with the fact that myself, my husband and my little girl are all October babies but we really take it seriously around here! I love the spooky yet fun decor and all the cuties knocking on our door for candy in their fabulous costumes as well as the anticipation of the holidays to follow. It is almost as though after the Halloween hump we are quickly gobbling down turkey and decorating for Christmas! In the meantime, I will soak in some more Halloween by heading to La Plaza Mall and scooping up these last minute faves for my little one and the best thing...they are ALL ON SALE! YAY! Enjoy friends.

For Him
Little Devil -  Baby Gap
Devils can be scary, but your cutie will look crazy adorable in this onesie!

Glow in the Dark Jammies – JC Penney
What better way to tuck your little man in than with these glow in the dark PJ's

Carter’s Black Cat Hat – Dillard’s $5
This is actually a gender neutral little hat that can spruce up any white basic tee or onesie.
For Her

Pumpkin Sweater Cardigan – Janie and Jack
This little cardi is perfect for the season with the daintiest little pumpkins embroidered around the collar. Such a classic piece that can be matched with this…

Ruffle Tulle Skirt – Janie and Jack
You can also save this adorable skirt and wear it for Thanksgiving dinner.

Daddy Is Under My Spell – Dillard's
Yes, yes you are under daddy's spell and that's why we're heading to the mall to go buy this ASAP! This is the cutest thing and I love that Carter's is very inexpensive.

Hello Kitty Kids T-Shirt & Tutu – Macy's
Because WE ALL LOVE a Hello Kitty, or is it just me!? I have been in love with Hello Kitty since I was a tiny little thing and I think my little girl is down the same path (no pressure) ;) and who can resist a little girl in a tutu!?

Happy Shopping Friends

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