Friday, December 20, 2013

First Trimester Must-Haves

I am well into my second trimester and I thought I would give you a little insight as to how I spent my first trimester. Like most women, you don't realize you're pregnant right away and I am no exception as my husband and I were getting our party on in Vegas (OOPS) while I was a month pregnant! One of the main reasons I had no idea or would possibly think I could be pregnant was because we were told we could never naturally have children (read up on our IVF experience). With that being said, the only thing that triggers my mind as to having any "suspicions" would be that we were chowing down at Holsteins (an amazing burger place in Vegas) and after I devoured a HUGE burger I told my husband, "is it weird that I could totally eat another half burger"?! He said I was crazy and we left. But my appetite was through the roof! Long story short, I was indeed pregnant and it's as though your body reacts instantly and let the morning sickness, headaches and all that jazz begin! Here are a few things that got me through the first trimester. 
I was SO dehydrated the first trimester and even the thought of drinking that clear liquid we like to call H20 made me SICK! Yay for these yummy Honest Kids organic juice drinks! They weren't too sweet which was great and totally quenched my thirst. Thankfully I am back to loving my water. 

Annie's Cheddar Bunnies, my ultimate go-to morning sickness snack. I swear I went through a few boxes of these in ONE month, my sickness lasted about a month and a half. I had this box on my night stand and would fill little Ziploc bags with these bad boys!

I was so blessed and thankful that I did not get any stretch marks on my belly during or after my first pregnancy and I'd like to thank this cream for that! I know alot of other products have come out on the market but I went with the OG Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula and didn't think twice to purchase it again this time around. (I linked the organic one)

If I could point out one of the MOST ANNOYING parts of my pregnancy that I have experienced (during both) it would be itchy skin. My goodness on some areas it looks like I got into a straight up fight with an alley cat due to my massive scratching! I ITCH like crazy and have even developed rashes on my legs and arms. Once again, Palmer's Itchy Skin oil to the rescue. I know itchy skin is very common but this is on another level. I would not recommend using this if you have a slippery bath tub unless you have a slip proof mat because it is crazy slippery (I feel it works best when applied to damp skin), thankfully I have a tile shower and I have yet to have any slippery mishaps (knocking on wood). My doctor also said to avoid super hot showers, scented lotions and soaps. 

I have yet to purchase another pair this go-round because I totally stocked up on these Be Maternity Seamless Leggings from Target during my last pregnancy! They are SO SO comfortable I can't even explain it. One thing I would say is you MUST get your size or they may slouch in the crotchy area. Did I just type crotch? LOL such a weird word...anyways. These will run you $25 which is a steal since you will probably never take them off! I also purchased some from Motherhood that are great but thicker. 

Last pregnancy I used prenatal gummies and half way through the bottle I couldn't stomach them anymore so I switched to these Nature Made Prenatal Multi +DHA which helps support fetal brain & development. They don't have a weird flavor or any odd side effects that I've noticed. 

Pregnant or not this is just me throwing in my fave beauty product but definitely helps enhance that pregnancy glow. I love my Aveeno Positively Radiant Moisturizer and it doesn't leave you oily and helps even out tone and texture. 

The first month and a half I was pretty much in fetal position rolling around on my bed "dying" of morning sickness aka my ALL day HANGOVER, I had never felt this before except when ::cough:: I was actually hungover but man ALL MONTH LONG!? C'mon it was ridiculous. Last pregnancy if you're familiar with IVF, you're a tad shy of a month by the time they insert the embryos so I pretty much skipped this torturous part of pregnancy but ANYWAYS, my point is I didn't have time to sit around and blow dry my hair much less roll my hair and try to look glamorous so I picked up this little lifesaver in the form of a donut! This is the bun shaper and I found it at Nordstrom for only $6! Messy hair totally didn't care when all I had to do was wrap my hair around this...waaa laaa a FAB bun! Must get for those lazy days. 

Last but never least the good 'ol Tylenol for my month and a half hangover, 'nuff said. It helped. 

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