Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mine & Mias Faves

For all you  mommy's to be, it's understood that everything pretty much takes a backseat once baby is here! Sure enough, my blog is one of them. It's hard to believe the last post was of my baby shower and now Princess Mia will be 4 months on the 23rd! I'm trying not to blink cause she's growing SO fast, it's borderline ridiculous & insane! She flipped over a few days ago in her sleep and scared the day lights out of me, so needless to say my first post back after baby will be my fave products that I used during her first 3 months of her beautiful life ;)

Snuggle Nest - You hear mixed reviews on sleeping with your newborn, but for me it was a must. She was so tiny and looked even smaller laying in her crib, there was no way I was going to leave her there by her lonesome. Snuggle Nest to the rescue. I wasn't sure if my husband would remember that she was sleeping there or not, cause afterall we do have that "mother's instinct" so I put the "Nest" on my side while sleeping and it was a GEM. So convenient for breastfeeding mother's and night time feedings and just for staring at her while she slept like an angel at night was heaven on my bed. 

Born Free Glass Bottles - I am a breastfeeding mother but at times would have to pump and noticed that the nipple to the bottles that would attach to my breastpump would collapse if she would suck hard which led to her sucking in air. I then switched to these glass bottles (BPA free) and they have this awesome unique active flow venting technology that helps babies in controlling the flow of milk just like in breastfeeding, minimizing nipple confusion. They also help in reducing colic and spit ups. They will run you about $10 a bottle but worth it!

Fisher Price Snugabunny Swing - All I can say is, "can I have this one in an adult size please". Mia giggles, laughs and squeals in this swing as she stares at herself in the mirror above or talks to the rotating birdies above. After a few minutes on the swing, she's out like a light bulb..zZzZzz...

Wubbanub Pacifiers - My goodness gracious...Mia does NOT let go of her Wubbanubs. She holds on to her "Freddie the Frog" for dear life and she is now become friends with "Duckie". I introduce her to new friends slowly lol. She is quite active now that she's going on 4 months and has now gone from sucking the paci, to eating "frog legs" and "duck" and even talks to them and the cutest is the way she holds onto them under her arm like she's carrying a football!  

Bright Starts Pretty in Pink Play Place Deluxe - This is Mia's favorite spot for tummy-time. This is an extra-large activity mat that adapts to the needs of your growing little one. There's a music box that attaches to the mat and fits most cribs with "not so baby" sounds which is refreshing (you know those baby sounds start putting you to sleep too) , lots of toys to dangle from loops attached to the mat, and the best part is that it has adjustable walls! When they're itty bitty you can put the walls up to make em feel cozy and as they get into the crawling and sitting up stage the walls can be taken down by velcro!

American Red Cross Rapid Underarm Thermometer - I did away with a very expensive ear thermoscan when I couldn't get it to work, the temperature was coming out whack and just went back to the basics! Sometimes simple is just better. I got such an accurate read in 8 seconds! This thingy rocks!

Aden Anais Muslin Swaddles - A dear friend of mine said these were amazing and that I must get several, sure enough I have about 20 some of these adorable breathable blankies. Mia wasn't the biggest fan of being swaddled from the get-go! My little Miss Indpendent did not like being confined, this Houdini would escape THE most tight swaddles! However, I use them for everything! I put them over her stroller, I use them as a nursing shield, change table cover, portable crib sheets, burp cloth...just to name a few! They also have an organic and a bamboo collection and the designs are adorbs!  
If you decide to use any of these products, I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

Happy Shopping Friends

Hugs Hugs

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