Thursday, August 30, 2012

Think Pink! My Baby Shower

Words can't express how blessed I am to have such loving, caring, beautiful women in my life. My sister in laws, nieces and a couple of best friends threw me the most incredible baby shower I could have ever asked for! They say when you marry someone, you marry the entire family...although I have heard horror stories, but mine is more like a fairy tale. This is just a little insight as to how close I am with my brother and sister in laws. When we were deciding on where to go for our Honeymoon, they jokingly said "sounds like a plan to us, we'll book our flights" and we all thought it was a joke and I thought to myself..."why not"...and said "go for it"....the next day I got emails of everyone's itinerary and we were off to St. Lucia! They joined us on our Honeymoon (allowed us a couple of days to ourselves before they arrived, how sweet LOL) and every year we decided it would be a fabulous idea to renew our vows so on our one year anniversary, there we all go to sum up life...IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Back to the shower ( i'm a rambling queen)... *90* guests, yes 90...arrived to my sister in laws gorgeous home and were welcomed by valet who drove their cars away as they were handed a glass of wine or pink champagne, it looked so YUMMY! I had never seen a gift table outside, but that was a beautiful sight to see as the guests walked to the front door. My beautiful niece Victoria greeted everyone inside her home and showed them inside (it was still a tad too hot to head outdoors). H'orderves were served around by waiters as we waited to be seated outside, I had yet to see any of the decorations because of course, everything was SUPER TOP SECRET. All I kept hearing was that it looked like a wedding, sure enough, that's what it looked like. Tables were draped in baby pink with huge black vases and flower balls on top, tables were set up outside on her cabana and over looking the pool. For those who don't know my SIL, she is an AMAZING cook and asked my husband what my favorite type of food was, he of course said, I know she likes Mexican but lately all she wants to eat is carbs and italian food! So my sister in law got on it and came up with the most amazing recipe and made ALL THE FOOD...lasagna..OMG...I ate leftovers for 3 days LOL! It would have been so easy to get it catered with as many guests as we had, but she wanted her touch and it to be extra special. Everyone said it was a true testament as to how the family took a liking to me, and I'd have to say...the love I have for their brother is what they see shining through! Salad was served on the side and one of the main "WOWZERS" was my niece Victoria's Pink Lemonade Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Chocolate frosting and nutella inside, OMGOODNESS again, hahaha they were TO DIE FOR! everyone had one as dessert and got to walk away with one in these cute little "Thank You" boxes!  We played traditional baby shower games in between and one of my favorites had to be when they blind folded me, my mother in law and my mama and made us change a dirty "nutella" induced baby bottom, HILARIOUS, let's just say I need LOTS'A practice!!! The shower ended about 10pm, but there were so many gifts to open that we stayed til about 1am and didn't FINISH! I had to come back the next morning and pick up and finish opening them, she still to this day is getting gifts in the mail, it was quite overwhelming...she will one day know how blessed she was to have so many women gather to celebrate her arrival!!!!!! I can NOT wait for our SIP & SEE so everyone can share in the arrival of our precious princess! Off to dinner, but I will keep you updated on BabyShower #2 thrown by my Mama, Brother's wife, and Aunties this Saturday! INSANE! XOXO *G*

    Dress: Aidan Mattox Shoes: Charles David Makeup: By MAC Hair: De Sanchez Spa

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  1. You look so stunning in that dress .. Wondering if you could tell me what size it is?? Your baby shower looked gorgeous!