About Me

Hi friends! It's me Ginna! I started my blog about a year ago when I was pregnant with my first bundle of joy, Mia. I've always had a passion for fashion and writing so it was only fitting that I would attempt to chronicle my pregnancy and fashion choices during this exciting time. 
I graduated with a degree in Communications/Broadcast Journalism and I must say that I planned my life accordingly and have been fortunate to have a very fun career path! LoL One of my fave jobs was working for our local NBA D-League team the Rio Grande Valley Vipers as their Public Relations/Marketing Exec. & Game Operations. I also had the opportunity to work with the team's affiliate Houston Rockets and it was quite the experience! Another fave job was co-hosting my very own radio show from 4-6 on one of the hottest local radio stations! I had a blast talking all sorts of nonsense from music, celeb gossip, fashion, random girl advice to interviewing people...SO MUCH FUN!
I'd like to think that God allowed me to experience so many great things early in life (to get my personal dreams out of my system so to speak) so I could live the life he really had planned for me. 

I now own a property tax consulting company as well as The La Plaza Mall Style Setter (blogger) which is such a blessing cause I still get to dabble in what I love most, FASHION! 

Most importantly, I am the wife to the most amazing, supportive husband I could have ever asked for. He truly believes in me, encourages me and has made me a better woman. I am also a step mother to his twins that I adore and are the most respectful kiddos I have ever come across. And of course, I am a mommy to my love bug, Mia...oh Mia...she lights up my world!


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