Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stars & Stripes

I just really really LOVE the 4th of July! The smell of BBQ in the air, children laughing and the thought of freedom makes me a VERY HAPPY GIRL! I pulled all these looks from Macy's and got a little carried away. I couldn't choose just ONE outfit lol I'm proud to be an American! Enjoy!

1.)  Chor T-Shirt, American Flag Tank Top – Macy’s, $25
2.)  Photo Courtesy of Part City, Dessert Bananas, Blueberries & Strawberries, PERFECTION!
3.)  Ralph Lauren Flag Print Halter – Macy’s $60
4.)  Ray-Bank Sunglasses – Macy’s, $169.
5.)  Michael Kors Mens Watch – Macy’s, $250
6.)  Alternative Apparel Shirt, Stars & Stripes – Macy’s, $52
7.)  Alternative Apprarel Shirt, Stars printed Baseball Jersey – Macy’s, $38
8.)  Michael Kors Sleveless Striped Navy Dress – Macy’s on sale $52
9.)  Izod Swimwear Colorblock Stripe Shorts – Macy’s, $25
10.) Anne Cole Swimsuit – Macy’s, on sale $56

Happy Shopping Friends

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