Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift for Him

I gotta be honest. I've always thought it was kind of a jerk (I could've said worse) move for a guy to give a girl lingerie for Valentine's Day! I mean is the gift for him or for SELFISH!! However, what I do find EXTREMELY brilliant and quite sexy is when the LADY surprises her man with lingerie. One of the most uncomfortable things about a man gifting lingerie is the fact that he probably doesn't know what YOU feel most comfortable in, he doesn't know what YOU think your best assets are and lastly what makes YOU feel sexy. Truth be told..I mean you could be on your "cruel monthly friend", you could feel bloated, you probably just had an extremely huge fancy 5 course dinner (I mean not all of us are blessed to be able to gobble down a surf and turf and still manage to have a flat tummy and feel sexy)! So my suggestion for this year is to head to Victoria's Secret at La Plaza Mall (girls, not you boys, unless you're heading to the PINK collection to find us some comfy jams) look at the different options and pick YOUR pleasure. There is no doubt in my mind that what you think you look great in, he will think that..
 times a 100. Especially since it's probably unexpected. Note: How to prepare this gift of sexiness. My husband has always taken care of reservations, accommodations if we decide to go away for occasions like this and so I prepare the details for later. If you so happen to get away, surprise him at the hotel with a couple's massage in the hotel room (they usually take late requests if booked in advanced). Make sure your room has an iPod doc so you can play your favorite silky soul jams, if you hear too much zen music the chances are ya'll will both fall asleep after and there goes the night lol bOoo. Also, make sure you hit up a liquor store and stock the fridge with yours and his fave poison, it beats the prices and the tiny bottle of the mini bar! Make sure your lingerie is hidden in the hotel closet or restroom and when the dinner is over, the massage is over and the drinks are flowing, step in and change and come out with your gift of sexy. It'll be a night he'll never forget and bonus, he may even give you a few late V-Day gifts like the ones in my next post for giving him the best gift ever ;) 
Here are my FAVES!

PS. Don't forget a sexy heel!

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