Friday, January 3, 2014

Our 2013 Rewind

One of my favorite things about blogging and taking thousands of pictures (yes, thousands..if you're a mom and have had to load your iPhone due to no storage space, you know what i'm talking about) is looking back at all the memories made. At times my husband gets annoyed and tells me to put my camera down and to enjoy the moment and the fact is he's absolutely right...that's until a month later when I email him an amazing photo captured at the right moment and is blown's then when he realizes the significance of reliving memories through pictures or when this past year on our anniversary I printed out a picture on our very first date playing miniature golf, shhhh I think he got teary eyed. LoL Anyhow, another year has flown by way too quickly and thankfully I snapped a few good ones that took me back to our first New Year's Eve with our little nugget. Ps. One of my resolutions is to bring my followers the best photographs and with a brand new camera purchased a few months back you can tell I began to put the iPhone away and use a big girl camera as the year went on...stay tuned for fabulousness in 2014 and here's a look back on 2013. ENJOY! 
 Our First New Year's Eve & Mia's first time to the Island where she would then realize that she was going to be a future beach bunny
HELLO 2013, BRING IT! Oh it has already been ba-roughten LoL 
(i'm a movie-line freak, forgive me)

 One of my fave pics of the year...Mia as SIMBA...cue the Lion King Song
I thank the sweet heavens that Mia has only been sick TWICE, this was the first time :(
 Baby rolls and leggings, I couldn't get enough
 Our FIRST Valentine's much love in the club...I mean closet

Mia's first trip to Austin! Daddy makes pushing an Orbit look hot!
It was on this Austin trip where I thought it would be a good idea to chop off ALL MY HAIR! Extensions two weeks later...yeah 'nuff said
St. Patty's Day...Mia's silliness really started to shine through around this time
This little ones tries cereal for the first time in March..uhm clearly she loved it!
The twins turned 14!!! 
This was Easter Sunday at the beach. You can't see in the pic but Mia had a HUGE audience surrounding her LOL 
Mia turned 6 months and she was pretty much "Gone with the wind fabulous" 
I officially signed a contract with La Plaza Mall where I would become their style setter blogger, what an honor! This was me on my way to my first fashion show as part of LPM.
Cinco De Mayo, who can resist a baby with a mustache!? BAHAHA these were left over favors from my annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!
Til this day..these may forever be my favorite photos. Would you have guessed that I took them by myself!? A la' selfie!? I'm kinda good, huh!? LOL
The board sums it up
Mia took her first swimming lessons at Aqua Tots in May. She LOVES the water and has NO fear...which is scary 
We took a quick fam bam trip in June where I finally felt 100% comfy to get back into a bikini again, not knowing I would be preggo a few weeks later hahaha
It's safe to say that Mia spent and will spend most of the Spring/Summer days in a bathing suit. She looks like an angel in this picture. 
Our first 4th of July. 
This was a a pic from my maternity shoot that I posted on instagram my quote was "I miss my preggo belly and my husband said put a pillow under your shirt" NO idea I would conceive around this time...maybe my heart just knew...
It was all a dream....ok baby Biggie
Our Vegas trip where we got our party on...OOPS we were already preggo
THIS is the BURGER right HERE that made me think hMmm maybe i'm preggo..I wanted to eat another one SO BAD..appetite through the rough! 
aAAaand I had no idea I was preggo here either. We took a quick trip to Concan with the fam in July right before Vegas. We celebrated Mia's 9 months here
One of my favorite twinning moments
Quick girl's trip to Fredericksburg in July with some of my besties
Mia turned 11 months old and I turned 11 weeks preggo, It felt like the right time to spread the good news 
First view of our little Princess
Mia wasn't amused that she would be sharing her crown with a new baby sister...she will grow to love her and they will be besties. I just know it. 
I turned 31!!! Holy shnikeeze...and there was the first bump pic
My sweet baby girl turned was an epic birthday party that I will hold near and dear to my heart FOREVER! UGH she melts my heart like no other....
Mia went to the pumpkin patch with her best bud Walt. 
Another twinning day with my mini-me. It's seriously so much gotta try it sometime. 
Our Thanksgiving trip to was HEAVEN! 
Mia LA LA LOVED the snow! This picture says it all...
Mia celebrated her first Christmas where she kinda knew what was going on...she loved her Nana's winter wonderland that she made at her house for her grand babies. 
and that my friends is a WRAP!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

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