Tuesday, January 7, 2014

26 Weeks Update!

I did an update 2 months ago when I was 18 weeks pregnant and I vowed that I would be the best preggo blogger and update weekly aaaaand well you can see how that went. With three holidays, a baby who hauls ass around the house all day, actually being preggo and working my butt off you can see what my time has been focused on but it's all good cause here I am now! Well I am 26 weeks pregnant today and with a 14 week countdown, I am starting to get that guilty feeling about how I am going to feel once the baby gets here. I have cried to my husband asking him how can I possibly love another child as much as I love Mia? His answer on the next blog....here's my update! 

How far along? 26 weeks and my peanut is no longer that small, she's the size of an egg plant!
Total weight gain? I'm guestimating around, umm chingos of pounds LoL my next appt is next Monday & may or may not want to find out then haha
Maternity clothes? Just my good ol' faithful maternity tights OoOoh and this ONE awesome black maternity dress from Old Navy...it's long sleeve and i've probably busted out that thing 3 times. In my husbands words "ya camina sola el vestido" LOL loser
How's the husband? He's such a trooper and is now drafting up my step-son's new bedroom that will be under construction soon. He's not getting the boot cause of the baby, he's getting an "upgrade" aka Mia is moving into her big girl room which is his old one. Go MIA!
How are the kids? They're so great we show them so much love that they could never look back years from now and say they were mistreated or felt left out when the babies came along. Us girls have daddy day and our step-son has his alone time with dad and then we spend most of the time together as a family of 5. I think alone time with their daddy is extremely important.  
Stretch marks? No, still slapping on the good stuff. Palmer's coca butter
Sleep? On my side. There's no way in heck that I can sleep on my tummy but don't think I haven't tried..I am quickly reminded by kung-fu panda that she's all up in there..oops my bad boo boo for squashing you like that 
Best moment this week? I'm sure it will be tonight when my hubby and I go on a date, just the two of us! We always have dinners and great nights out with great company but it's gonna be nice to have alone time
Worst moment this week? It happened about an hour ago. I came home from a business meeting and I had been out for a while so I was so excited to see Mia that I ran and she ran and I swooped her up and at the same time tripped over her Fisher Price swing and ran right in the Christmas tree LMAO. Ok it could have been WAY HELLA worse. I could've knocked the tree down, fell on my tummy and just an epic YOUTUBE moment but I caught myself as i'm going knee first into the tree skirt ok i'm seriously LMAO right about now thinking about it...::siiiiiigh:: Jesus Christ that's enough maybe that was my funniest moment this week
Looking forward to? Date night!
Can't live without? My new comforter and sheets, just got them a couple of days ago. Hotel like sheets and all. OMG. 
Movement? TOTAL movement now, I get straight up karate chopped
Cravings? I've been eating a lot of wheat thins with easy cheese, you know that cheese that squirts from a can? Damn that can't be healthy it doesn't even sound right 
Miss anything? Sushi, tuna tar tar and alcohol...yes I want alcohol...like a carreta (tequila, mineral water and lime juice with trechas around the rim) my mouth is SO WATERING right now. Shit balls. 
Feel good or feel yucky? STill feelinFABULOUS!

Sweater and Beanie - Express
Watch - Ulysse Nardin
Statement Neckalce - My online boutique coming soon!


  1. You look great! And I know that you'll love that baby as much as you love Mia:)

    1. thanks babe!!! yes, I know I will it's just a struggle to believe it since she's not here yet....:*(

  2. Your pregnancy style is so amazing I love it!

    1. thanks love!!! It's getting difficult...HAHAHA