Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break 2016 Re-Cap

This is the 3rd vacation that it has happened. You know when you're a blogger, you can't wait to take a beautiful vacation with your family and get great pictures with your hubby, can't wait to find the prettiest backgrounds and put on all those Springy outfits, you pack your suitcase to the max with the cutest clothes and stuff about 12 pairs of shoes to the point of maxing out the weight limit and having to pay the extra luggage fee...to finally arriving on vacation and all you want to do is just spend time with the family and NOT take a pic or take the time to get all dolled up for a pic! LOL So that's kinda what happened except for couple of times. It was like just get ONE shot of this outfit, I don't need detail shots, lets go drink and have lunch hahaha Well here are the few pics we did snap! 

Me & our oldest Carlette

Me & my little amigo 

It's very very very rare that I fall asleep during a massage...I can't believe I did this time..and it was on the beach with a lot of noise...I think I was just zoned in on the waves crashing. I could do this all day. 

This was so so so funky....I would totally do it again...but it was funk hahaha

Love off the shoulder everything right now!!!! Got this little number at Joe Brand McAllen, my shoeless are Rebecca Minkoff, Sunnies Rayban and bag from Target

My fave restaurant in Mexico City...is in CANCUN...uhm  and it was across the street from our hotel...SCORE!

We stayed at The Hard Rock Hotel...it pretty much rocked. Super chill, nothing too crazy, no wild ass Spring Breakers, the rooms were fabulous, the food was LEGIT and the service was a 10! Im all about dat service!

 Me and our son

We have the best time as a family. This is my husband's side of the fan bam and we are just missing one nephew and Mia and Natalia...it sucked being away from them for so long but for those who asked why we didn't take them...Well last year we all went on vacuum to Isla Mujeres with our twins and the girls and the hubby. The age gap is way too spread out that we didn't get to enjoy everyone! So they are going on a little getaway with us in a couple of weeks! 
 LOVED this dress from my cousin's store @franciscashowroom
 I love a good sexy bathing suit if I'm just on vacuum with the hubby...I thought this was a classy cute with just a dab of sexy...we're with the whole fam, know what i'm saying!?Bathing suit from Victoria's Secret

 I got this outfit MONTHS ago at Joe Brand and was totes saving it for something fun! 
 So i'm more of a cabana girl with a margarita or pina colada in one hand...but we ended up here LOL...so when in Rome...or Mexico...I guess you'll find me swinging in the middle of the jungle like tarzan and jane!
Not our most glamorous moment lmao...but I swear you couldn't take off this damn helmet throughout the ENTIRE Park, Xplor!!! Hope you enjoyed!!!! 

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