Monday, March 7, 2016

Something about the Snow...NYFW flash back...

It's fun to go to fashion week as a blogger, the most insane things to see nowadays is how the front row is slammed with the biggest names in the blogosphere. I know I am hella' late in blogging about my NYFW, lol but I have been non-stop since I got back!!! For those that are new to following me wether it be my blog or Instagram, but I also own The Dry Room (our city's only blow dry bar), as well as a boutique Social Media Firm...aaaaand a property tax business! Like, yeah...aside from that I travel lots so all in I am and I can't wait to catch you up!!! So we all know it was insanely cold and it snowed! It was so beautiful, my grandmother, rest in peace, loved loved loved snow and the day she passed there was no snow in the forecast...and low and behold it snowed out of nowhere. There was no question they were snowflake kisses from above and I can't help but know that's her every time I'm randomly somewhere and it snows! 

Jacket | Christian Lacroix, similar here
Top (I call it my Lady Gaga blouse) | c/o Francisca Showroom
Skirt | c/o My HighStreet Style
Boots | Christian Louboutin, similar here
Gloves | Hermes

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