Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby On The Way Countdown!

So I went in for my second to the last doc appointment and I really had it set in my heart that baby Natalia would be here this weekend but it looks as though we will be ready to rock n' roll NEXT Tuesday being April 8th! I'm a tad relieved as I still have a little bit of things to do before she makes her way into our crazy world! I need to return things at Babies R' Us (doubles, doubles, doubles), exchange clothes that don't add up to the months that she will be able to wear certain clothes (as in white beautiful sunny dress rompers in December, EEKE)...and my husband has the nerve to ask "what else do I need to do" AS IF he would EVER understand!? LoL Boys, boys, boys. Yes, I am still trying to keep it sexay up in huuurr with this big bump! Please do not be fooled into thinking that I rock 4'-5' inch heels on the daily, it's false, I'm a fake. I totally have my chanclas in my purse but these YSL ones just kinda look hotter with the ensemble BAHAHA However, I will rock heels on special dinner dates with the hubbs!
Here are a few pictures that I took a week ago that I had yet to post...I need to get better at posting them right way. Once again I love mixing high/low pieces and this is where you'll catch me wearing a Forever 21 dress and Yves Saint Laurent Heels. 

Dress - Forever 21
Sandals - Yves Saint Laurent
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Watch - Rolex

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