Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby on Board and Invitro Fertilization Recap!

Ok, so we all know by now that we're expecting baby #2 and that this miracle baby on the way is A GIRL! Miracle baby? Yes, for those who had no idea we conceived little Mia by invitro fertilization. We are so thankful that a procedure such as IVF is available not only for myself but for those who have trouble conceiving naturally. The process is no joke and very tedious..the medicine, the shots every day, the shots during every check up, it was borderline brutal the first couple of months. There were times when I just wanted to throw in the towel but through the support of my loving husband we knew that the end result (praying that it was successful) would be a beautiful baby girl. We were so blessed that the staff at Dr. Brown's office in McAllen was SO SO kind and sweet and I literally had the best experience every time I stepped foot into the office. A question I get often is.. "did it work on the first round of IVF?" Yes and no. I did one whole round of shots and RIGHT BEFORE retrieval, I was told that I had what you call ovarian hyper stimulation, in a nutshell I produced way too many eggs that the quality of them would not have been so great, so we had to STOP the process. I WAS DEVASTATED! I cried my eyes out for a couple of days thinking of all the shots and meds that I would inject into myself every day and started to feel sorry for myself, but again I knew I had to suck it up and try again! So the reason I say that YES, it did work the first time around is because we did NOT actually do the egg retrieval AND do the transfer until the second time. The egg retrieval was a breeze as well as the transfer (i'm trying to skip over the dreaded FULL round of shots that I had to do AGAIN) lol...being able to joke about it now cause at the was no bueno. How crazy also, that we were able to CHOOSE the sex of the baby? For some, it may not seem so ethical, but when you're in the position of having to go through semi-hell of having to conceive and not wanting to do it but's a blessing that science is at an all-time high and allows those who want to gender select, the opportunity to do so. So we chose a GIRL...we had 12 girls and 7 little boys to choose from and before the transfer Dr. Brown and the embryologist came in with a sheet of pictures of all the little embryos numbered. I had chosen #12, that was one of my fave numbers (my real one is 23) and the embryologist said...if you don't mind my opinion but #10 is the perfect embryo. I mean, how can you go against THE DOCTOR who helped make this #10 it was. Everyone at the office would call her the Perfect 10..and indeed, that is exactly what she is...PERFECT and born exactly a week after my birthday...ON THE 23rd!!! So that's my 1st baby story in a baby a NATURALLY conceived baby. I does this even HAPPEN!? When science tells you "you can NEVER naturally conceive a child" MY GOD SAYS YOU CAN! You can imagine the SHOCK on our faces. My husband must have been in a state of confusion, shock and HOLY CRAP for like two weeks LOL. Baby #2 will be born sometime in April and we are over the moon! P.S. Rigo feels like he WON THE LOTTERY, he wanted another girl SO BAD! LOL I hope to keep ya'll posted throughout the pregnancy and hope you follow along!

Dr. Vela's office called with the sex of the baby and I immediately said CALL MY MOM! I always saw pictures of gender reveal parties and the anticipation DID kill me but I knew it was something I wanted to do, being that we weren't able to do this the first time. So in a matter of HOURS my mother planned a quick party for our family to come over and reveal the sex by everyone taking a bite out of the cupcake at the same time and the frosting inside was PINK! I will NEVER forget this moment...priceless. P.S...this is super husband is on a diet and kept taking bites of the cupcake, I figured this was the one day he would cheat on his diet..and afterwards he said I kept eating the cupcake looking for a baby...and i said WTF do you mean a baby? He said "yes, I was looking for a little "monito" inside LMAO..I was like OMG babe..this isn't ROSCA DE REYES...he's SO MEXICAN! 


  1. LOVE! Many blessing yet to come with this already very lucky baby♥