Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Let's Play Ketchup...Catch Up...Man I love Ketchup

I love that I have such a great group of friends that I have had since I was in middle school. We have all lived in different places (I moved to Austin and back home, Erica moved to Dallas, Kristin lived in Waco, New York, San Antonio, now back home, Kristy is in Dallas, Beth is in Louisiana and Katie in Florida) and no matter what... we can plan a girl's weekend and I swear you would've thought we had just seen each other the day before! We planned to all meet up at our girl Kristin's farm house (our boys got to tag along) in Fredericksburg and it was so great just to relax, chit chat, eat good food, go to a winery and just be in great company! What else could a girl ask for!? And my have times changed...there were 3 of us with our little critters crawling around...it was awesome!

Our one big happy family having a home cooked dinner!

Mia eaves dropping in our big girl's conversation HAHA and 

Not quite sure what the leg lift is all about...future ballerina?

Future best friends like their mamas

Mia...just being Mia..

Yes...we were those people at the winery with kids. 

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