Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bad Mama Jamma

There's something real sweet about looking "cute'sy" while pregnant but I took a different route today. I thought my black Maxi was a little bland so instead of adding a typical scarf or chunky necklace I thought I'd add a studded vest! For as inexpensive as it was, the detailing and studs have NOT budged! I just pulled the tags off this bad boy vest and i've had it in my closet FOREVER! To go along with the vest I added spiked earrings and booties. I toned down my arm candy with just'a watch and my cross ring that I am clearly obsessed with! And of course I can't forget what in my opinion made my whole PREGGO outfit, was of course the "cute'sy" bow belt! Isn't it adoraaaablay!? This outfit screamed, or shall I say my little Mia screamed LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME in the TUMMY! ENJOY!

Maxi Dress: Forever 21 Vest: Miss Me (local boutique Warehouse503)
Bow Belt: Forever 21 ($6, sweeeet) Booties: Gianni Bini (crazy on sale)
Sunnies: Michael Kors Watch: Michael Kors in Rose Gold
Cross Ring: Forever 21 Spiked Earrings: dangit...I forgot lol
Nail Polish: Essie in turquoise and caicos and OPI in hot & spicy


  1. fabulous outfit! xx


  2. Thank you! and your blog rocks! I will be visiting it often xoxo *G*


  3. i LOVE this outfit! and of course i love you!! Can't wait to see you for your baby shower! :)

    <3 Vanessa

  4. I LOVE the outfit. I'm going CRAZY trying to find alternative maternity wear.
    I was never a f21 shopper but thats what keeps popping up in blogs and vlogs!
    Thank you!

  5. Hey Krystal, thanks for stopping by! Forever21 probably has to be ONE of the greatest stores to hit up for maternity clothes. All you have to do is go up a few sizes. Maternity clothes are quite pricey but if you find yourself a good pair of maternity jeans ( J-Brand) a few good pairs of ballet flats when your feet can no longer tolerate the heels and a few good solid pieces you will be set. Forever21 would be the place to go to when you want to feel "cute" and find something inexpensive or chunky jewelry to dress up your expensive pieces! Let me know if I can be of other help to you! Good luck!!!