Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Eyelash Extensions by Vanity Lash

My mother got eye lash extensions about a year ago and they just looked so darn beautiful but I never got around to it. When I was approached by Michelle Lee, owner of Vanish Lash I couldn't decline. HOLY CRAP BALLS, I have NO idea why I haven't done this before. Seriously, I wake up like "hey there you don't look too bad in the mirror anymore" LOL They just really do something for me. When I wear falsies...My husband always asks me "are you in a hurry to get somewhere" and I'm liiiiike "no why!?" he says "puedes volar con esas pinche pestanas" (you can fly away with those eyelashes en ingles) he's not the biggest fan of my falsies. LOL But he TOOOOTALLY loves these! It took about 45-60 mins. to put these sucker in and should last a while and NO MORE gunky glue...YAY! 

Eyelash Extensions c/o Vanity Lash 
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  1. Your extensions look so great! I did a half set about a year ago and my natural lash length was so short that it didn't seem very noticeable; but seeing yours make me want to take the plunge for a full-set to see if it makes a difference!