Sunday, April 6, 2014

Villarreal Wipe Down with Kleenex

Having allergies is probably one of the world's worse annoyances EVER. It may sound a little dramatic if you DON'T have allergies, but for those of us who suffer...totally know what I'm talking about. It's almost as though right when my body starts waking up, I start sneezing, my eyes start watering and my nose starts running. It's actually been a blessing to be pregnant right at allergy kick-off season cause it's usually ALOT worse but none the less still frustrating as if heart burn isn't enough torture lol. After this long winter that we've had, allergy season is in full effect and now having to haul little Mia to a million kid's birthday parties our house is STOCKED with tissues! So when Kleenex reached out to me about collaborating with their chic campaign for Kleenex Style Designs, I jumped at the opportunity! I kid you not, we have tissue boxes all over the house and the fact that they're way crazy cute, makes it totally A-OK! 

Since I am days away from giving birth, there's not much I'd rather be doing more than watching chic flicks in bed LOL So of course with crazy preggo hormones through the roof these tissues have probably been used more for sappy movies than boogies. Haha I also love the designs, how cool is it that they match so well with my wallpaper?! 

Talk about nesting! We have been doing some massive cleaning around here with the new baby set to arrive in just TWO days! We cleaned all of Mia's toys, wiped everything down a few times, sterilized bottles and of course trying to keep as many germies from creeping around the main area of our home. Yup, there's another good 'ol Kleenex box!

 Some say their bedroom is their sanctuary, but for me, it's my CLOSET! ::Siiiiigh:: I can stay in there all day, watch E! and watch Mia tear through it like the Tazmanian Devil. She takes out every single body spray, every nail polish and stuffs them in her daddy's shoes and runs away with all my lip glosses. I have found those suckers in the most random of places! But as a stylist and blogger I needed to be surrounded by beauty and inspiration so I chose this side of the closet so I can have the best natural lighting for makeup and getting glammed up and so I could look out and see our kids playing in the backyard! With all things beautiful to look at, that totally includes my Kleenex box that has come to the rescue when Mia drops eye shadow all over the place and looks like a clown as she's covered in turquoise eye shadow and of course when mama goofs up on her own makeup! Is it weird that the cutest little things make me extremely happy!? 

and LAST, but NEVER LEAST....the SLIM packs that I carry EVERYWHERE! These beauties are in my purse, my car and of course my diaper bag! It doesn't hurt that they have the most adorable designs for my little boogie monster who loves playing with the packet! Anything to keep her entertained in the car these days. 

Kleenex Boxes -  c/o Kleenex
You can find all these Kleenex products at Target, Wal-Mart, Dollar General, CostCo, Office Max, Staples and Sam's Club

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