Friday, May 31, 2013

A few of our favorite things...3-6 months

It's hard to believe that my little love bug is already 7 months! Take a look at a few of the things that got us through the past few months!

1.) Angelcare Sensor Monitor with Sound Movement - The MINUTE I saw Mia flipping on her tummy, the first thing that came to my mind was SIDS. I would lose sleep just STARING at her and checking on her constantly. It's true when they say that a mother sleeps with one eye open. At the time I was working so it was necessary that I get some shut-eye so I ran to Babies 'R Us and purchased this. You place this right under the crib mattress and it detects your child's breathing, movement and sound. HEAVEN SENT! When your child is not detected, it sounds off extremely loud. I wouldn't call them false alarms, but it was so accurate that Mia moved away from the sensor pad and it went bazurk! A MUST buy if you want to sleep in peace!

2.) Motorola Color Video Monitor - This monitor has amazing sound, color and range! A few cool features is when your little one is fussy, you can push a button and talk to them. It also reads room temperature and you can pan the camera around the room to see what's going on!

3.) Fisher Price Rock n' Play Sleeper - OMGeezy, this thing is SUCH a life saver. We travel often and we take this sucker everywhere! After she got use to sleeping on her tummy I felt bad when we went on a trip and put her in this to sleep (thinking she'd be uncomfy). This little munchkin slept FABULOUS in it, her usual 8 hours of sleep! (yes she's awesome like that)

4.) Orbit Baby Stroller - This has to be one of the best strollers on the market! With Hollywood and its baby boom, you've probably seen this stroller gracing the pages of every mag on the shelves. It's easy on the eye with the modern sleek look, you can rotate your baby 360 degrees and it has one hand handed stroller fold. So easy to use! I got the travel collection which includes the infant car seat and the infant to toddler stroller seat. It has a hefty price tag, but SO worth it!

5.) BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Active - I will admit that I am slacking on taking walks with her but when I did and I used this bad boy, she loved it! It sat in her closet for months and I couldn't use it cause she looked so tiny and odd in it and I finally got to whip it out! She enjoyed the walk and staring up at the sky and touching the flowers as we passed by and of course jammed to some Pandora on my cell. Note to self: must take a walk tomorrow*

6.) Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper - This thingy is AWESOME! The picture really doesn't do much justice but it looks like a crazy spaceship of some sort. Everytime someone walks in they have to go and push a button or comment on it. It was a baby shower gift and Mia LOVES it! It plays music, teaches your little one basic colors and oh English, Spanish and French..RAD!

7.) Over size plastic bib by Trumpette - Mia had her first rice cereal when she turned 5 months and gobbled it down! I wasn't prepared for how messy it was going to get (thinking: I have the spoon and I will put it straight in her mouth). I ordered this HUGE clear bib by Trumpette and its freakin cool and so easy to clean. She has several plastic bibs cause they're so convenient! Invest in a few. 

8.) Chicco Polly Magic Highchair in Rattania - Right when I saw this high chair I KNEW it was the one! Does that sound dramatic? LoL! We have a rustic/eclectic/mediterranean style home with dark wood floors and my dining room table is dark wood with beautiful beige seating and it looks SO cute parked next to them. Matches SO perfect! Oh..and it's easy to clean and easy to move around! (the important stuff ;)

9.) Marc Jacobs Diaper Bag - I have a couple of diaper bags and this one just seems to be my go-to. It's black, goes with everything, comes with a changing pad, lots of pockets...what else do ya need!? I would also suggest buying a large tote/handbag that you love and just carrying that as well. Just tell your husband that it's "transitional" HEHE

10.) Summer Infant Super Activity Seat - When Mia was too little to play in her Einstein jumper, this is what she would use. She still sits in when i'm in the kitchen, working or getting ready in my closet. I just prop her in there and she's happy as can be! It's also great for travel!

Happy Shopping Friends

Hugs Hugs

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